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MAKE-UP: Chinese New Year Special!
07 February 2016

In this video I'm doing not only one, but two simple make-up for Chinese New Year! I'm wearing two shades of red:
- bright red from LimeCrime 'Wicked' I got from a friend of mine who has the best lipstick collection (check out the store if you're looking for Limecrime or any rare beauty brands, he has it!) on instagram: boboXbobo.

- dark, winey red from MakeOver 'Fame Fatale' you can get one here at my favourite beauty webstore Sociolla.

Both looks are easy to try. The first one has a light and fresh eye make-up, and the second look is a smokey eye. I'd say try this look for a lunch with family or friends, then switch to a darker color and smokey eyes for dinner. I decided to go light on the cheeks and used highlighter and bronzer only to make the lips as the centre of attention. If you like it please like and subscribe, and give me ideas of the next video on the comment section! :) xx

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I just realised I rarely share my personal life outside the 'blogging' life anymore. This blog has been a space where I share my personal musings and activities, and I feel like I should share more, outside my usual fashion and outfit posts. What do you think? :)

Last week one of my favourite brand from Japan, Uniqlo contacted me to style their latest collection in collaboration with Hana Tajima. I was quite surprised and challenged, as Hana Tajima is a well-known Japanese muslim / modest wear fashion designer, and I have never styled a modest wear before. I was psyched because it's a new experience. The awakening of the modest wear has been huge, especially in where I live, Indonesia. The trend for Muslim wear nowadays is modern, younger-looking, yet still modest. For me, I also prefer my outfits to be mostly covered at all time (or as my friends said that my outfits are always in 'Fall - Winter' collection even though it's always summer here in Indonesia.) I can't deny my huge interest in layered silhouette, chunky coats and fluffy sweaters, and I agree that being covered doesn't mean you can't look current and fashionable. So yes, I'd be happy to style the fashion presentation! :)

The briefing was to style the collection for the Hijab / non-Hijab looks, because Hana Tajima's collection is so versatile and current that even the non-hijab can wear it too. I fell in love at the first glance of the collection: Culottes. Turtle-neck. Denim. Mustard, grey and brown color palette (which is my main favourite pallete!). All the looks are so effortless and easy that you can pretty much pair it with everything and it still looks good. Also, the breathable fabrics that allow you to do layering without worrying that it could be too thick or uncomfortable. I end up eyeing things for myself and for me, my favourite pick would be: 
- the white and black turtle neck sweaters; I can never have enough sweaters.
- ALL. THE. CULOTTES; the denim, the white one, and the mustard coloured one. 
- the denim and white jacket
- all the colourful and patterned socks

My inspiration comes from the root of the brand Uniqlo, pot raying a basic and wearable Tokyo street style. Simple, yet looks so pleasant. I paired each look with white sneakers and eye-popping socks to make it schoolgirl preppy.

For myself, I'm wearing my Keds x Kate Spade collaboration polkadot sneakers. A simple life guide: Polkadot  pattern never fail to make my day, and I'd love to have it on my shoes, where I can look at it every time. This is my happy shoes.

The left one is a preppy 70s with a denim jacket, turtle-neck sweater and mustard coloured culottes, I added a pair of polkadot socks for a fun touch. The right one is the effortless Tokyo style, because a plain shirt and a denim pants maybe too plain, and the third piece never hurt anyone. Fun to try!

I love how basic the Hana Tajima collection is, you can wear the black sweater and white pants and you're good to go. I added a pair of red socks as a twist of quirkiness to this monochrome outfit.
The right one is a boyish chic look with a basic Uniqlo white t-shirt with pants and denim jacket. And as I imagine a Fall-Winter season, that's where the beanie and shawl does its trick.

For the hijab looks, I combined the layered it with long outerwear, both are wearable with maxi skirt or flare pants. The sneakers and socks make it look playful and young, and I added the light coloured head scarfs so that it won't look too heavy.

These are the overall collection I styled for Uniqlo x Hana Tajima. There are different personalities and different tips on layering on each looks. They can go simple, vintage, edgy or boyish. Which ones are your favourite? :) Let me know! 

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LIFE: Hello, I'm Writing A Book.
01 February 2016

Just in case you're wondering, life has been crazy these couple of weeks that I wish I can divide myself into two and not die. That's quite dark for this cheery blog, sorry. But it's been fun. Anyway, here is a brief update of things I've been doing when I'm not blogging:

1. Going from places to places. Catch me at Wondernesia on TLC!
I brought my girl Mae with her TLC team to go around Jakarta and discover the hidden but hype places to go shopping, vinyl hunting, jewellery making, hammering shit and all that kind of stuff. Sounds fun? It is! It's airing and you can still watch the rerun this week.

2. I've been making my own gelato at Ninotchka.
Yes, when I'm not blogging, I'm a gelato lady. I'm obsessed with desserts (that's basically how I started the cafe in the first place) and the fact that I can make infinity pints of ice cream to enjoy it myself is mind-blowing. You should come here and try MY ice cream if you haven't. Go home fat and happy, guaranteed.

3. I'm…………. writing a book. I'M WRITING A BOOK!
Okay, this is the biggest news I've been keeping for a month because I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. For around 6 years I've been using this platform as a journal where I keep my traveling and styling stories, and finally the journal is coming in the version of real book. I've been working on my book which is going to be dedicated to you, therefore please please suggest your idea of things I should be putting on the book! It's going to revolve around fashion, traveling, D-I-Y, some of my personal stories and stuff. Comment below of things and matters you think should be on the book, all of your ideas are very much appreciated :) Kisses!

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RUNWAY: Treasure of The East by Sebastian Gunawan

The show was opened with a Kabuki mask printed Cheongsam dress, a cultural fusion all over the East with bright colours and quirky illustrations such as the Japanese Kabuki and monkeys which come from the Fire Monkey year, it's bold and it stole my heart.


There is nothing quirkier than a Cheongsam dress with Monkey holding a Chinese porcelain riding a Flamingo.

Unpredictable 3D flower detail on the back.

So many statement pieces I'd love to have!

There are also patterns preserving the early ages heritage and tradition, such as Chinese embroidery, vintage porcelain, and Phoenix, which symbolise all the good things; grace, luck and happiness.


Last night's collection consisting Sebastian Gunawan's signature feminine silhouette with lace fabric, yet unpredictably fun variation of Cheongsam from combining quirky prints and putting an edgy touch with jumpsuits and capes.

One of my favourite of the night.


Wearing Cheongsam dress by Sebastian Gunawan for the night, combining it with a dark red lipstick.

With the man himself, Sebastian Gunawan, and Rosalindynata Gunawan, Anastasia and Pupu Paula.

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TUTORIAL: Nude Make-up + Lancome Cushion review!
27 January 2016

Nude make-up is one of my favourite everyday look, and in this video I'm using my new foundation cushion (it's like BB cushion but with more coverage!) from Lancome. I've been using it for weeks, going under the sun everyday and I was surprised to found out when I got back home late at night and the foundation still stayed without any touch-up needed. It covers really well without being cakey, and lasts longer than any of my liquid or cream foundation. 

 I have an oily skin type and not like some BB product promising a 'dewy' finish, this doesn't go all greasy on my face yet still managed to have a dewy effect. I do sweat less than most people and maybe that's one of the reason that it stays for a long time on my skin. Overall I'm really happy with the texture, coverage and durability of this product. If you're looking for a lightweight foundation (my face doesn't feel heavy at all and it doesn't crack on my smile line, that's another plus!) with a good coverage, I'd say give this one a try! :)

Product used: 
LANCOME miracle cushion in shade Rose Beige (02) 
MAKEOVER Trivia eyeshadow 
MAX FACTOR white eyeliner 
SEPHORA jumbo liner 
LAVIE LASH faux lashes 
THE BODY SHOP peach blush on 
MAKEOVER Skinny Blonde matte lipstick

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RUNWAY: Vietnam Fashion Week 2016
10 December 2015

Attending Vietnam International Fashion Week 2016 not only to see Vietnam's best talents in fashion but also there were many other famous designers all around the world showcasing their works in one stage. Sebastian Gunawan from Indonesia, Ezra Santos from Dubai, Renato Balestra, Yumi Katsura, and last but not least, Couturissimo's current collaboration with French designer duo, On Aura Tout Vou.

This up and coming cozy sweater dress trend is gloomy weather approved!

Yumi Katsura's take on making traditional kimono on couture stage.

Glittery gold tux is life.

Seeing so much pleats trend with interesting prints from different designers,
confirming it's a 2016 must-have.

Some of my favourite pieces from Couturissimo x French Couture house, On Aura Tout Vou. Couturissimo's vision is to be the bridge of couture design and ready-to-wear consumers, making high-fashion wearable and affordable for the bigger mass to enjoy and experience. Couturissimo's next collaboration will be with Indonesia's designer Sebastian Gunawan and I can't hardly wait to see more beautiful pieces to come!

Wearing RIOTOUS top and skirt, Margiela shoes, Aigner bag.

Such an awesome opportunity to finally meet the humble Mr. Kenzo Takada of Kenzo!

a group pic before going to the show with Edison, Olivia, Ty Hunter and Willabelle.

Bumped into these lovely designer duo of On Aura Tout Vou before going back home!

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