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Gone Maybe Gone
01 April 2015

I'm back in the 501CT craze! This year, it turns out to be one of the must-have pair of jeans everyone should have in the closet for a laid-back yet super comfy daily wear. Currently Levi's just launched their perfect tapered fit jeans called 501CT, which we can customize by wearing it downsize for slimmer look, upsize for baggy boyfriend jeans look, or actual size depends on which style we want to achieve.

So here I am wearing my upsized Levi's 501CT with cuffs for a baggy boyfriend jeans look, and I'm finding out ways to wear it with heels or sneakers, jacket or blazer, day or night, casual or going for special events. Here's a few ideas of working out boyfriend jeans on any occasions…

501CT do’s: 
- You can mix it with basically everything. 
Since I picked a bigger size, I avoid bulky tops which could make me look shapeless. 
- It goes with heels and sneakers, wear whatever you want anytime you want it. 
- Some tips on picking shoes if you have a petite body type like me, pointy heels is your hero. 
- Do you know that rolling your pants to ankle gives an illusion of longer legs? :)

heels by Staccato. Heels and rolled-up jeans will do the tricks for your petite figure.

And here's another alternative of a boyfriend jeans paired with sneakers, blazer and a felt hat. If you notice, I can simply switch it to sneakers - jacket - beanie hat combo for more street look and heels - blazer - felt hat for a formal occasion, all with the same top and jeans. :)

You can get this pair of 501CT in the all Levi's stores, go and customise it in your own style! :)

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RIOTOUS 2015 // No. 1
14 March 2015

Top & pencil skirt by RIOTOUS


 shoes by Maison Margiela

Hey all! It's been a pretty long time since the last post, I just went back from Japan. So many things to do, and I've been working on my newest collection for my line RIOTOUS and this post is the first sneak peek. So excited! 

The first look is a transparent top with accent in the front, cowl neckline and bow in the back, and a midi pencil satin skirt with a slimming silhouette. Please do follow the instagram @RIOTOUSthelabel for latest update on the collection :)

I have so many things to be updated, especially I have to tell you that I'm in loooove with my new camera, Samsung NX 3000, the one I use for this whole post. It's a light mirrorless camera with a good quality for blogging. Will share you more review on this camera, meanwhile you can see the result on this blog and my instagram!

The last thing and the most dramatic change I got this week is my new haircut :) It's been so long since I had a short haircut, and not only I changed my hairstyle, I also have a new routine. Last week when I cut my hair at the salon, the hairdresser told me that my hair is so dry because of the coloring, bleaching and all the styling I did to my hair. I never really took a good care of my hair (guilty as charge), I barely have time to do hair mask at home, yet I style it with straightening and curling iron almost all the time to 'tame' my frizzy hair. But 'tidy' looking hair is not enough if it's not healthy. It's not going to stay tame for long, and it comes back to being frizzy and dry... The key is to take care of it and keeping it healthy before it's damaged! So the hairdresser asked me to start a new routine as simple as using conditioner every time I wash my hair, for a healthier, shinier, and of course a better-looking hair. So I got myself this Pantene Total Damage Care 10 shampoo & conditioner to moisturize my dry hair, and smooth the outer layer of hair cuticle, giving it a shiny and healthy look, and preventing it from breakage and split ends. And it's true, my hair is so much more manageable now and it looks so much healthier :) Yeay to a fresh start!

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Foxy Faux Bob
04 February 2015

Karen Millen dress, The Editor's Market bag, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Riots Barbie sunglasses

I'm seriously in love with this Karen Millen midi dress. It's a sweater, it's a dress, it has turtleneck, it's midi, with flattering silhouette, definitely all of my favourite things combined to an outfit! This is what I wear when I feel like wearing a sweater without looking bulky and lousy. Comfy and neat at the same time.

And my new faux bob hair (we've all done this at some point in our life) or in 2015 we call it 'turtleneck hair' is trending this season. :D

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Plastic Rainbow

D-I-Y Flower headpiece, Karen Millen white shirt & leather pleats skirt, Balenciaga heels

Loving this structured white shirt from Karen Millen, and also the neat leather pleats skirt is so me! Anyway, I'm flying to Tokyo, Japan tonight for vacation and a little bit of pre-wedding preps and photoshoot. Yaaay! Back to one of my favourite place on earth again, and planning to spend Valentine's Day there. I'm so excited for snowy February!

Closer look on my new dinosaurs necklaces! :D

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Breaking The Rules
26 January 2015

Wearing Suite Blanco x Irina Shayk's super pretty sparkly sequin top. I'm feeling like a mermaid! I might be breaking the rule wearing sequin and leather together… I mix it with all the dark colours, also my dark Limecrime lipstick so it doesn't look over the top.

Topshop chunky heels

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You're Never Fully Dressed Up Without Your Smile
24 January 2015

wearing Karen Millen dress for today's event. 

As I entered the Cloud Lounge, The Plaza, I was greeted with a small card with a fashion quote on it. Close-up invited me, Harumi PS from mytipscantik.com, Ayla Dimitri from Style.com Indonesia, and Diera Bachier, one of Indonesia's most famous fashion photographer, and together with fashion & beauty bloggers to share about blogging, make-up, fashion, and photography tips to boost our day & night appearance. (If you're a blogger too and you want to get invited to my next events / gathering, please do drop me email to contact.soniaeryka@yahoo.com with subject "Contact me", I will be glad to notify you by email!)

Amazing view from 54th floor, while the event was about to start.


This event is also an exclusive preview of Close-Up's newest line of toothpaste, collaborating with cosmetic dentistry to create a one-time use instant whitening. Consultation session with celebrities' favourite cosmetic dentist, Drg. Hilly Gayatri, she explained the facts and correlation between white teeth and beauty. Some facts I just discover, whiter teeth makes you look 5 years younger, 20% more attractive, and it even increases the the percentage of getting a job and being employed (It's pretty surprising how your bad teeth can easily ruin your social life.) She also explained the procedures of teeth whitening, which ones are the safe one and which one aren't. However, Close-Up's newest invention is the Blue Light Technology, which is using blue light illusion with their blue paste & foam, it makes your teeth instantly look brighter after using, with no bleaching or other dangerous method. Hurray!

Drg. Hilly showed us a simple example of how the toothpaste work. She put a pearl necklace in coffee, in other glass she diluted the toothpaste and hot water, then inserted half part of the coffee-stained pearl necklace and wait for approximately 1-2 minutes.

The pearl necklace went back to its real white color!

Now it's the bloggers turn to take the stage. Harumi showed the technique of getting whiter teeth illusion with just bronzer and red lipstick with blue undertone. I also shared jewellery mix and match tips, how to wear necklace and earrings to match with your outfit yet not over shine your whole appearance. Continued by Ayla's tips to pose and smile, and Diera Bachier's photography tips. Over all, it was one productive night with lots of new knowledge shared!

The lucky girl that night was Thalia, to get the experimental make-over by us after the talkshow!

Look at that sparkly confident smile!

Thanks to my best gals Anastasia Siantar & Clara Devi for coming tonight, here are our mitchy-matchy white outfits! :D Went home with a box of Close Up Diamond Attraction (look at that fabulous packaging design which is unusual for toothpaste! Definitely created for stylish women.) Can't wait to try it myself! Xx

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