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30 September 2015

Made a new cover of my favourite artist, Gregory and The Hawk. Anyways, went out with Monik to grab some dinner today and watched the new movie  'The Martian', I don't always write a 'so-called' movie review but I got so excited after watching that I feel like writing about it. We got to pick between The Martian and Everest (at first I thought it was typically the same movie genre about disaster, stranded and surviving), I don't like watching movie trailers either because that's where all the awesome shots and big scenes got spoiled, and I'm more of a type who loves to be surprised just so I get twice the excitement (yes I take small things seriously when it comes to watching movies), in the mood of traveling to Mars rather than Everest so The Martian it is. Planning to watch Everest tomorrow though, there's nothing such as too many good movies in a week.

*mild spoiler alert, well this is just a commentary though.*

Here are things that makes me feel good every time I watch a movie:
- Awesome visuals and a good soundtrack within the first 3 minutes.
- A cliche sci-fi movie poster that misleads you or makes you go "hmm this is an Interstellar kind of movie"
- A plot that proves all your expectations wrong. I love to be proven wrong all the time.

And The Martian checks all the boxes. I actually enjoyed this better than the previously famous space flicks like Interstellar and Gravity (or Prometheus which also made by Ridley Scott). There is a connection happening in the movie that feels effortlessly engaging without overselling the drama, like the family matter or sentimental romance. Like when a movie brings out father and daughter theme, or when the character is dying, of course everyone could easily feel relatable with that, but this movie survived without it.

No unnecessary scenes, no unnecessary characters. Not that I don't like antagonists, but you know sometimes the writers got lazy and ruined a good movie by putting an unnecessary villain character with shitty motives like money, or 'conquering the humankind', just because. (Or in Interstellar case, there is Matt Damon's purely horrible character as Mann, a selfish astronaut who has no intention of being in the story other than to cover a plot hole, by creating it.) But again, that thing does not happen in this movie. Well, let's just assume everyone in this world is a nice person. Let's assume everyone in NASA has good intentions. Every character is well-thought, there's no suddenly insane character that left the audience no choice besides saying "oh well maybe he's just crazy". There are still problems to solve. Everything is cleverly put in the right portion, and it's a pure entertainment. Matt Damon was awesome, and all the casts did a great job, they actually wowed you, and I love the fact that those amazing actors are just one little factor of why you should check it out.

So yeah, maybe I got extra energy from coffee that I ended up writing bunch of this stuff tonight, but having my expectations exceeded is one of the thing that made my day. Sometimes I could get so attached by a movie that I'm afraid one or two things in the middle of the movie could go wrong (I don't know why the hell I care so much). I've seen some sci-fi movies that are too afraid to bore the audience so they coat it with drama or action when the plot starts to get dull, it's like "Shhh let's not confuse the audience by using complicated science terms, here let us give you actions! and drama!" Nope. This is the type of movie that goes "THIS IS SCIENCE, LET'S BLOW SHIT UP". Nothing cheesy, nothing boring, and could easily be my favourite movie, it's a good movie to start a new month. It contains so much positivity that I didn't stop smiling throughout the whole movie. The least thing I could complain is how many times Watney complained about Lewis' 80s playlist, because shut up Watney, that playlist is awesome. (And I'll buy the album so I can play it back-to-back with my Guardian of the Galaxy soundtrack playlist.)

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WILDFIRE - Photoset.
25 September 2015



My first time flying to Bangkok, Thailand with my girl Anaz for THEA by Thara Fall collection photoshoot. I actually have no reluctance of being anything on the set, but when the lovely girls from THEA by Thara, Numay and Shiqi, asked me to style myself for this photoshoot I was like "Yay!" I get to experiment on things and I always looove playing dress up. Wearing 4 outfits all by THEA, I styled it into 4 different styles which all my favourite style to wear. 

I styled the elegant satin red dress with lace detail on the back, with a thin gold necklace that went down through the chest area (my favourite outfit! I feel some kind of Holywood-y slash an oriental lady in the 20s era). The second is the all-black androgyny look with pants and blazer. Also my everyday outfit and it's really easy to pull off. I love the lace detail on the blazer sleeve which makes it a little quirky. The last two, I felt like doing a role play of Mathilda from Leon The Profesional. I got the haircut covered so the next thing to do is to put on a black shirt, with a choker, then I'll look like I just came out from the 90's time machine.

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On The Sly
24 September 2015

Backless vest Thea by Thara,
Leather skirt RIOTOUS,
Maroon clutch Karen Millen,
Ankle boots Staccato

Wearing my current favourite things in one outfit: black and backless long vest from the Thailand label Thea by Thara, the leather skirt that I've been wearing almost all the time because it's so me (yes, it's the it-skirt from my label RIOTOUS, what I love about is because it goes well with any outfit from formal to casual, it defines my style and the fact that I made it myself is like a personal glory to me), maroon clutch which I recently purchased this month, ankle boots from Staccato's latest collection (because ankle boots is life), and if you noticed what I'm wearing on my lips…

I'm wearing the new lipstick shade from my current make-up collaboration with Make Over. I don't know what could define me better than this matte, marsala, dark red-wine coloured lipstick. They also have a fierce name for it; It's called Fame Fatale and it's now available in their stores!

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19 September 2015

Feels like staying at home today. Impulsively bought canvas and paint, and trying out acrylic painting for the first time. Dad used to spend hours at the attic to paint back then when I was a kid and I just realised how therapeutic painting is. Like singing or all other things that I used to see as a thing you have to be good at to do it, though actually you can just open your mouth and sing when you're alone, or you can pick your brushes and put some paints on the canvas when you feel like it. It's not for impressing people and you don't have to care if you're good or not good at it, as long as you're enjoying it. It's more like a getaway, an escape you do for yourself rather than something you do for people. 

Speaking of doing something for yourself, I finally did something I've been wanting to do for a long long time yesterday, went to the cinema, watch a movie and had dinner alone. Told this to my mom and she joked "Stop being pathetic. Just ask your friend to go out with you, what's the fun in doing things all by yourself." Strangely, I can say it's one of my new favourite thing to do and I'll be doing more of this in the future. There is an independent feeling in doing things on your own and it's something I haven't done in a very long time. That feeling when you're driving alone, watch a movie alone, sit and read a book alone, even eat alone and the waiter asked if anyone is joining you and you answer "nope, one person only". It feels like I'm celebrating solitude by taking myself on a date and each 'self-date' brings me closer to knowing what I actually love to do. It might sound like a narcissistic / selfish person thing to do but it's not that I don't like a companion or being around people, but I can really appreciate my solitary rituals. It's empowering when you're usually dependant to something or someone, and someday you have to do it on your own and you pull it off. You'll find out that you can actually survive. You'll find out that it's not bad, it's not bad at all. 

Anyway, I went to watch Selfless and I loved it. Despite the pretty cliche ending for a twisty storyline, I loved the way Tarsem Singh translated tiny literal details into visual beautifully, the kind of details that you unconsciously pay attention to when your mind is wandering, as tiny as a person's blinking habit, or a reflection on the coffee spoon, or what the person next to your table is talking about. It's artistically pleasing and I don't know why it got lower rating than other sci-fi movies like Lucy or Oblivion, but I surely enjoyed this better.

Went to Brightspot with Monica and watched the gory Black Mass with Marcell yesterday (all the big names got our hopes high but then it wasn't as good as what we expected). Did a skincare shopping because I'm so lucky to have this beauty-junkie friend who told me what to try and what to buy, so I'm trying out Novexpert peeling night cream tonight, and if it's good I'll make a review later :)

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#IWokeUpLikeThis: Natural Glowing Make-up with Strobing!
18 September 2015

Achieve that non-oily, glowing-looking skin, with a quick fix to arriving to work be like 'uh, what make-up?' look. All products used in this video:

SK2 CC cream
my favourite base to look effortlessly glowing without wearing too much coverage.

Make-Over Enchanted Nude Spell
affordable yet it has a pretty nude champagne shade.

MAC x Hayley Williams' Sounds Like Noises Lipstick
You can use any orange lipstick / cream blusher to be honest, I happen to have this lipstick (it's my favourite lipstick and it's limited edition so I'm thinking of buying another orange lipstick to be used as a blush!) It's better to go with creamy blush instead of matte, compact blush to create a dewy look.

Strobing Kit:
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
my all-time shimmering holy grail. A must-buy!

PAC highlighter
another affordable alternative with a very nice pigment, last for a long time.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher
This gives you a lovely glow! I know I'm having few acnes here and there but this helps creating a dewy and healthy-looking skin.

You can change the falsies with just mascara, and lipstick with lip gloss for daily make-up. Happy Saturday! :)

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RIOTOUS 2015: Passive Aggresive Lookbook
16 September 2015

Photographer: Brian Imanuel
at my home studio.

A few of new articles that I designed at RIOTOUS, available to purchase by email or text. I also have a giveaway of the last dress on my instagram, make sure you join it! Follow the instagram @riotousthelabel for daily updates on the new stuff! :)

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SONIAERYKA.COM on September coverages

Got featured by another Japanese press! I can't speak Japanese but for a rough translation, they're writing really really nice thing about Jakarta's trend, my blog and my cafe! Thank you :) you can read the original link here.


From a major local press, I got featured on Detik magazine this month. Thank you! :)

And also someone just mentioned me on Twitter that Teen Vogue featured my blog on one of their article. It's actually an old post of me when my hair was still longer. Happy!

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Beauty on my Doorstep: Got My Pink Box from Sociolla + Glamglow Review
10 September 2015

What's happening nowadays is having this cute pink box delivered on your doorstep. And today I got mine!

This mysteriously inviting pink box every girl would be happy to receive. 
Hmm, must've contained something pretty inside.

Yes, it's a box from Sociolla, my current favourite beauty website. Why is it my favourite? Well, first they're the authorised distributor bringing all the exclusive and high-end beauty brands such as Glamglow, philosophy, SK-II, Anna Sui, and many more, so the authenticity of every product is guaranteed. Second, their price is the same as the counter (which is obviously cheaper than online stores especially if you're living outside Jakarta). What's amazing is sometimes you can find products that aren't available in any other webstore or counter yet, you'll find it first in Sociolla. Third, FREE SHIPPING ALL ACROSS INDONESIA. That makes it so much cheaper when you don't have to pay for the shipping cost. Yes, this free shipping service got me crazy, it's a one day service if you're living in Jakarta. And the last thing, they know how to do this in a very very cute way: After I completed my payment, they delivered this cute package right to my doorstep in the same day, with a pink motorcycle and a guy in tuxedo. Which is like, madly cute. I'm obsessed.

(Yes, I'd like my Glamglow package to be delivered in a pink motorcycle and a guy in tux. What an experience.)

So, what did I purchased:
Previously I bought a jar of Glamglow super mud clearing mask from Sociolla. This mud mask has been a holy grail for all beauty junkies and I decided to give it a try, it works really well for my oily skin. So I feel like continue buying other Glamglow products, and look what I found in Sociolla… Glamglow YouthCleanse Cleanser!

It's a daily cleanser from Glamglow for a glowing complexion and a healthier-looking skin, and it's only and exclusively launched in Sociolla. Be the first to try it!
Soooo, let's start the review, shall we?

Don't you love it when even the packaging makes you feel good about yourself? :D

The texture is mud-like, and it turns foamy when in use. Formulated with these power ingredients:    Acai, Guarana, Acerola, and Green Tea that provides antioxidant, Ginkgo Biloba leaf, Arabica coffee extract, also flaxseed and quinoa which are rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 for healthier looking skin. 

On the first try, I noticed this very pleasant herbal scent that I love. I wouldn't mind waking up and wash my face smelling this kind of scent every day. It contains exfoliating scrubs that is not harsh for my skin. After use, I felt an instant supple and clean feeling, but not squeaky clean, which is good because it means that this product is not drying. Safe to use everyday, or 2-3 times a week if you have a really dry skin.

what I love about this product:
- it has exfoliating scrubs which is good to remove blackheads
- the relaxing smell!
- smooth and refreshed skin right after the first use
- it has an oil control effect but it does not dry out my skin
- brighter and radiant effect is noticeable after a few times of using

Overall I love this new skincare regimen. It offers a result that's shown in the first use, and it's good for my acne-prone, oily skin. It has other types for different results you can check here, such as Supercleanse if you're aiming for clear skin, or ThristyCleanse for hydrated skin (mine is YouthCleanse for glowing skin!). All of them are available only in Sociolla.com, free shipping all across Indonesia.

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