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Lazy Girl Hair Ideas
13 June 2016

One of the requests I read a lot on my instagram is always a hair-do video. I realized I never do one before. After a hair dye diary last month, it's time for a hair-do! Bob hair has been a huge trend this year and if you're having an awkward hair situation a.k.a stuck with short / medium bob waiting for it to get longer or been wanting to chop it off to get it back in the right style, I know the struggle. Don't get bored yet! Let me get you 'the menu' for 7 easy-peasy hairstyles that everyone with a short or medium bob hair can try to fight the boredom in 2 minutes. 

PS.: I do these tricks every time when I'm staying away from the curler / straightening iron (except style number 6). I have a naturally wavy, kind of frizzy hair, and on my day off I like to make it into a bun or braid it so it doesn't look too messy but doesn't damage my hair at the same time.

It also works for second-day hair when your hair gets oily after you forgot to wash your hair the night before. Hide it in a pretty bun, because that's what lazy girls do.

Which days are your favorite? And feel free to give me ideas for the next video! Hair-do, make-up, or another lazy girl tips?

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10 June 2016

So L'Oreal invited me to their very cool office the other day (they have this private salon that they use for training, experimenting and obviously free treatments, how cool is THAT?!) and they asked me if they can do my hair. Without a doubt I said yes (sorry, it's not f*ck me up fam response you're all waiting for) because: I might not the most updated person about beauty, I put the same thing on my face since I was 12. But hair gets me so excited every time.

One thing I notice: hairstyle can actually affects your whole appearance. That is why I love dramatic makeover, not only because I am easily bored, but also because hair takes a big part on complementing my style. It's a statement. It's an accessories you can't take off. You can actually sleep in it. Well, not as permanent as tattoos (and that's why I like it because I'd like to change my statement accessories regularly.)

So, how do you decide what your next hair makeover should be? For me, I do it spontaneously.

When I got myself a hair makeover, I didn't even thinking about it when I woke up that morning. I did it because I was bored so I went to the salon with zero idea, came home with a short bob. Or green hair. Sometimes I trim my bangs to super short at midnight (usually after watching intriguing movies starring cool girl with cool bangs like 'Pulp Fiction' or Scarlett Johanson in 'Lucy'.) It's actually relieving to have something new, and doing something impulsive once in a while makes me feel alive. Some people do painful things or jump from the tallest buildings, but I get the thrill from my hair.

There are plenty of reasons why I always love hair makeover. I was kind of contemplated whether I'm going to like this new hair color or not because I was still in love with my last ash, denim hair color (turns out my hair relationship is more complex than my actual romantic relationship.) So this is basically the conversation happened at the salon:

Team: So what do you want to do with your hair?
Me: I've always wanted pink hair...
Team: Ok, so pink?
Me: *opens hair color book* *points out bright orange* This color feels fun.
Team: We can do that.

Result? This is probably the hair color that makes me the happiest (I know I said that so many times out of excitement) and I'm in a cheerful mood 24/7 from seeing this happy color in the mirror, so I'm kind of proud with my last-minute decision-making ability. My message is go with your guts. If you want to try something bold and different, maybe you can start with a hair makeover. If you hate it, it will grow out anyway and at least you have a proof that you once had a ballsy decision (that you might never repeat again.) But if it's done right, it becomes a part of your identity. Because let's be honest here, everyone judge you by the cover. They can feel your tenacious attitude just by your hair. And when some people see you with crazy hair, they kind of already expecting crazy behaviors. Why not take this judgmental situation as an advantage? (it's like a free pass for you crazy people.) Just like the traffic light; my bright orange hair is a warning sign.

Follow my hair journey on instagram, #SoniaErykaHairJournal.

+ Blazer vintage
+ sunglasses WEGO Japan
+ bag Loev & white shirt Byshaa
+ socks Cole
+ shoes Staccato

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Melbourne Minute.
20 April 2016


Arriving in Melbourne, got invited to attend Melbourne Fashion Festival and here I am exploring the city with my bestie / tour guide / photographer Gilbert Ganda while I'm here. (Check out his feed, he's a really awesome guy.) More pics coming soon!

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the day i dye
07 April 2016

Got featured on Vogue Italia on denim hair trend! So here I share you guys a video tour of Andreas Zhu's super chic salon, and the process of turning my hair from natural black to balayage silver blue hair or (as what Vogue called, 'Denim Hair'). I'm trusting it to the expert, Andreas Zhu Salon for bleaching & colouring without damaging my hair and leaving it still unbelievably smooth after hours of such treatment (they're using Olaplex). For my shoulder length bob, I spent 4 hours total at the salon. 

+ Andreas Zhu Salon
@andreaszhusalon on instagram 
Jl. Pluit Putri No.2, Pluit, Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

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Sonia Eryka x Make Over: Fame Fatale
05 April 2016

Just in case you haven't heard, I'm collaborating with Make Over for their matte lipstick line, and I'm representing the dark, winey red, Fame Fatale. I don't think my love and obsession for dark lipsticks will ever fade. I gave it a try before it was launched (one of the perks I love about blogging?) and of course, this dark red lipstick feels like it's made specially for me, because I can do A LOT with it: from a 20's vintage glam to 90's grunge.

My make-up for the event: a light eye make-up using Enchanting Nude Spell eyeshadow, cat-eye eyeliner, and Fame Fatale lipstick, all by Make Over.

I teamed up with Make-Over & Lavie Lash to hold a super fun luncheon + make-up workshop for girls, where I share my make-up tips accompanied by the make-up expert to give them a certified make-up class. I also shared my daily photography tips to maximise your social media content. The whole event was hosted by my dear friend Ucita Pohan so I enjoyed the ultimate girls time there! 

I did an experiment photo session afterwards, I honestly didn't expect THAT much of enthusiasm, it was definitely super fun and I had a good time! The girls brought home prizes, Make Over & Lavie Lash products, and make-up certificate. Thank you sooo much for joining Sonia Eryka X Make Over class :)

Me and my giant Fame Fatale lipstick! :)

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mind cloud
31 March 2016

I have one confession to make: I've never been a tech-savy my whole life. But as it's my job and also my hobby to bring my camera and take pics and videos everyday, I have to deal with thousands gigabytes of data, which some belong to myself or my clients, so I have to repeatedly buy new hard disks when the last one is full. My greatest horror in life really is if one day my only source of data decided to stop working with all my data inside it (happened to me once before when I was working outside the country and it was DREADFUL.) It taught me to come up with a back-up plan. So this is what I bought.

Having a personal cloud storage means minimising the possibility of our files getting leaked or hacked. Why is it different than the usual hard disk? My Cloud Mirror has two hard drives set in mirror mode so it automatically backs up your data just in case the first one corrupts. Oh I've never been more secure! It's compatible on PC and Mac. And the best thing about it: the data is accessible on all of my mobile devices!

Attach My Cloud Mirror to your router and you have your own personal cloud storage, connected to your phone and laptop, totally secure and private, with no monthly fee. I hope this could be a suggestion if you're looking for a big file storage like me. :) Xx

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vogue italia: denim hair
18 March 2016

Got featured in Vogue Italia about the Denim Hair trend, along with Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie and Jourdan Dunn. #woot! I got mine colored at Andreas Zhu Salon (@AndreasZhuSalon on instagram) which I'm planning to write a review soon on my satisfaction! Read the full translated article here.

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17 March 2016

Decided to start making something different than the usual video blog, it's a glimpse of my daily life and what I do when I'm at work. My awesome little brother told me how to edit videos because he's really good at it (check his Youtube channel: Brian Imanuel.) I'm starting to learn though there are still editing flaws here and there. I've always had this passion to make short movies, maybe someday. For now, I'm taking my camera with me to record anything my eyes catch. 

I'm working together with Sally Ann & Emily May, duo photographer sibling, styling for Planet Surf magazine. It's always so exciting for me to work behind the lens as it's the job I've been longing for since I was a kid; writing, styling, making videos. (Also, it's refreshing to upload something that is not my face everyday. HAHA.) Anyways, I always love challenge and I think it's really fun to style outside the usual image of the brand. I'm bringing preppy schoolgirl vibe with socks and collared shirts (I can never say no to the seventies schoolgirl vibe, yet).


Photographers: Sally & Emily. Make-up by Aldis Setiadi. Models: Widika, Maria Nikulina, Caio Botelho, Daniel Bentford. Behind the scene photos & video by me.

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