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Under Your Spell - PHOTO SET.
29 July 2015


A collaboration photo set for Moreno Photography x Hian Tjen
Make-up, hair-do and styling by Andreas Zhu
Directed by Jo Widhira
Photographer: Agung from Moreno Photography

I was completely in awe with the change made by these amazing people's magic hands. Huge transformation especially on my hair done by the talented Andreas Zhu (you can't even tell if my hair is not real), I'm now a pale and fragile porcelain doll. And I admire Kak Jo & Agung's ingenious work of capturing this beautiful lacy white dress by Hian Tjen to show its delicacy. It's somehow romantic and fragile yet still has a grungy vibe in it at the same time. Such a pleasure to work with these creative people, it's like they breath life into a photography, what they do is magic.

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Reliving Daisy Buchanan. // PHOTOSET
28 July 2015

A collaboration photoset for Moreno Photography x Yogie Pratama.
Make-up, hair-do and styling: Andreas Zhu
Directed by: Jo Widhira
Photographer: Agung from Moreno Photography

It was a super fun photo session and I was styled as 3 different persona from different eras. The first look is a beautiful flapper-inspired dress by Yogie Pratama, matched with my 20s bob hair as we took some ballet dancing reference to make it even dreamier like a doll under a magical spell.

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Tex Saverio X Love Bonito Show // Singapore Fashion Week 2015
20 July 2015

All dolled up in red lipstick (and I love how versatile my short hair is. I can go straight for a simple and minimalistic look, let it go wavy and wild for an effortless look, or styling it curly for a touch of Hollywood golden era!), wearing Love Bonito dress for tonight's Tex Saverio x Love Bonito show.

A bucket of fresh flower and an invitation.

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An Afternoon with Franc Nobel
14 July 2015

RIOTOUS leather top, Cottonink white legged pants, LV speedy bag

Meet the girls: Ayla Dimitri, Clara Devi, Pupu Paula and Ucita Pohan.

Attending launching brunch with the girls, held by Franc Nobel fine quality eyeglasses brand from Germany. 3 things that makes me happy for this new eyeglasses brand in town is that all of their designs are vintage-inspired, they have excellent service, and it's surprisingly affordable. Their eyeglasses pricing starts from Rp. 750.000,- including high-quality prescription lens and free shipping. Sweet! 

retro-inspired Chadwick with map printed on the back.

Pick your guy! Franc Nobel named their eyeglasses articles with cute British guys names and we were busy picking which guy suit us best *LOL*. My favourite is Dexter, Lennon, and Picasso. Which one's yours? Check out their collection here!

me wearing Picasso monochrome.

We had fun trying out those glasses and you can try it out too! As I mentioned earlier about the excellent service, they're not only provide cash on delivery service, they also want you to try before you buy. They have this home try-on system where you can choose your favourite pairs, and they will deliver it right to your house, you can try it out for 7 days and then make your choice! 

Marc Uthay and Christian Csermak as the founders of Franc Nobel, telling us the story of how it all started.

In the search of a prescription eyeglasses, I found Franc Nobel's fashion-forward design and sweet price to be a fresh alternative to your usual, boring and overpriced eyeglasses.

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Singapore Fashion Week 2015 // Dion Lee, Victoria Beckham and Cate Blanchett Interview
11 July 2015

On my last visit to Singapore a few weeks ago for Singapore Fashion Week, I got super lucky that SK2 invited me to have a little chit-chat with Hollywood actress and Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. She was really sweet in person, and has really stunning and glowing skin in real life! We talked about her beauty routine, her muses in life, and her thoughts about world's beauty standards.

Q: Hi Cate! How do you think having a good skin can encourage women to do big things? 
Anything that you can do in life that makes you feel more confident, or literally helps you fit better in life, or more comfortable inside your own skin. For my personal experience, using SK2 consistently over many years, means my skin more resilient, which means I have to think about it less, so I actually have more time to think about the outside world. 

Q: Since we already know what you do for your face, what do you do for the rest of your body?
Oh, you don’t wanna know what I don’t do for my toes (laughs) I should do exercise regularly. It makes you feel better. My job is very physical, and I have 4 children so I’m not running around quite a lot. I want them to eat healthily so I eat relatively healthily, and I want to make my exercise consistent, instead of being a short burst. 

Q: Do you have anything to comment on the consistent beauty trend where the Asians want to look like the Western and the Western wants to look like the Asians? 
SK2 is a really interesting case in point that I’m Caucasian and I’m the ambassador of an Asian brand, and they were quite surprised when they heard that I’ve been using the whitening range. Because that supposed to be a very Eastern obsession rather than a Western obsession. But I think there’s a lot of crossover. And there’s a lot that Western can learn from Eastern’s notions of beauty. One which I certainly subscribed to is beautiful things are unique and also contain a flaw or imperfection in them. And in the West I think we’re obsessed with perfection. And which is what I love about SK2 is that not only the science is real, it’s also based on working making people look the best that they can for themselves.

Q: What or who is your beauty ideals, manifested in person? 
When you look at people like Georgia O’Keeffe, Charlotte Rampling, or Louise Bourgeois or Liv Ullmann, and you can tell through all the way their faces have gracefully aged, that they have really interesting lives, and they’re really magnetic. I didn’t have the great fortune to meet Louise Bourgeois or Georgia O’Keeffe, but I can say that they’re very magnetic and alluring, interesting women. And when you meet them, you meet their minds, as much as their physics. Their personality continue to evolve and get richer. 

Q: What is your philosophy when it comes to aging gracefully? 
I’d say work with what you’ve got and don’t panic. I mean, it’s not a question men ever get asked, isn’t it? It’s really not a question men get asked at all. So stay engaged with the world. And think about yourself less. 

Q: How do you know that when you have made a particular decision or you’ve chosen a path, that it will lead you to your destiny? 
Often the things in my life where the most profound changes happened I’ve taken unusual unexpected turning of the road. I’ve been surprised by how it opens up many other doors. There is a sense you know that not only with one’s DNA, that you’re born with good skin or you’re born with great intelligence. People with great intelligence can squander that and become the most stupid people in the world. People with great skin can have sun exposure and use products and insane amount of cosmetic surgery and all you see is they’re panic. I think it’s what you do with what you’ve got. And in that way I think the choices that we make can really shape not only the way your personality evolves. It’s what you expose yourself to and who you surround yourself and what you actually do with your life. 

Q: If you can go back in time, what would you tell yourself then?
Hmm, what would I tell myself? I don't know, a million things. I wish I’ve found SK2 ten years earlier. Because no one said you’ve got amazing skin in your twenties. It won’t really until my mid-thirties that people began to say your skin really luminesce, well I thought the only thing I do different is I use SK2 consistently. 

Q: You've won the oscar twice, how the awards has change your possession towards yourself, your personality, and your confidence? 
Winning the second one was quite something. It is a very humbling overpowering experience standing up in a room in front of people who you revere, and they’re standing up for you, I will never forget that. But I think it’s important to know that you haven’t arrive anywhere. I didn’t deserve that any more than the other women in my category, that’s just what happened. And I’m grateful for it, but I don’t think “Yeah, I’ve achieved this, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy them.” You gotta look for the next challenge, the next thing that you can screw up. (smiles)

with Cate Blanchett and meeting Victoria Beckham before the show with SK2 team and the media :)

A package of newly released SK2 products welcoming me in my hotel room, yaaaay!

I've been using SK2 Pitera Essence for almost 2 years now, and I'm so excited that SK2 launched Mid-Day & Midnight Miracle Essence which is surprisingly inspired by Cate Blanchett's habit of putting her Pitera Essence in spray bottle to moisturise her skin anytime and anywhere. Hearing that brilliant idea, SK2 developed the miracle essence into a formula that can be used even with your make-up on! (claps claps) and it also works as a setting spray not only to moisturise your skin but also to make your make-up stays longer. It's bottled in a 50ml spray bottle that can easily fits to my small purse. This is my new obsession!

 Meeting these twin Maria and Elizabeth Rahajeng before Dion Lee's show.

 Dion Lee's signature constructive cuttings for Fall / Winter 2015.

The next day, I went to visit SK2 boutique spa located at Millennia Walk, Raffles Boulevard Singapore to experience a rejuvenating facial spa. My face feels brighter and fresher than before, worth the try if you're visiting Singapore and curious to experience a calming facial spa after a tiring day.

Victoria Beckham closed the Fashion Week with a collection of boxy silhouette in warm autumn tone & monochrome color for Fall 2015.


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