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22 October 2016
Relationship Goal

(Your greatest love story may require traveling abroad and dancing with strangers.)

Spending a day alone at the Moomba Festival, and my long-distance best friend, Gilbert, joined me after his class to try a Magic Circus ride. We ended the night watching fireworks. I stayed at Lucy & Gonzalo's house, a lovely puppet artist / painter couple with two adorable kids. Lucy gave me a note of her designer friends for me to visit & Gonzalo introduced me to a Spanish traditional mate. During my stay, I was lucky to witness their youngest baby take his first step for the first time.

Being single for quite some time now, I can say I'm in the happiest state I've ever been. Despite today's love-and-relationship oriented standard of 'relationship goals', meaning to have someone beside you to do everything with, people might ignore the cruciality of having a good balance. Have some time with yourself as much as the time you need to be with other people. Get to know yourself. Take yourself on a date. Fall in love with yourself. To be happy in whatever state I am, with or without company, to love and accept myself, to feel enough, is my relationship goal.

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Feeling all blue in my Superga sneakers, syncing with the sea and this food hut. Monica and me had no plan today so we decided to check out Echo Beach and spend the day sunbathing and enjoying chilled coconuts. Our kind of luxury.

We had a little chat with the guard and he told us that tonight is movie night at Deus Ex Machina, which is reachable by 10 minutes walking from the beach. They have this bean bags in outdoor area with projector and an overflowing popcorn machine. Free movie, free popcorn, buy one get one on drinks! Our no-plan Thursday just took a 180 degree flip. Turns out yesterday they have free tattoo night in here so we better plan the next time we're in Bali!

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03 October 2016

So I started something in my Youtube channel last week, I shoot a video of me wrecking an old dress (I bought it in thrift store only because it's polkadot) and turned it into something fun. It's always been my hobby to mess around with old clothes and give it a new life, in fact it's one of the things I always do in my early blogging days. This time I decided to film and share you guys the process. I hope you like the quick transformation! xx

Don't forget to share and subscribe if you like it and let me know if you want more videos like this. More D-I-Y series coming up! :)

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