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14 September 2016

Enjoying sublime gradient of the skies at Nikki Beach, Nusa Dua, Bali.

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01 September 2016
Quick-Fix Challenge!

A video in which I try out things and review it straight to you guys! In this video I talked & shamelessly showcasing my pimple because:
a) pimple is natural, we all have it.

The acne-free 3 days challenge does sound so inviting, so I tested it out. On the second day, the pimple is reducing in redness and it's no longer hurt to touch. and on the third day, it is completely gone without leaving any dryness in my skin. The formula is different than the usual acne gel I found, the ones that usually contain alcohol and caused a cool, stinging sensation when in contact with skin.

Learning from my many many experience trying out different kinds of acne solution, that kind of product dries out pimple just the same amount of time but leaves my skin dry & flaky. This one however, is definitely not the same. I continue using it on my entire face even when I have no pimple because it works as a moisturiser just feels good in my skin.

This is an honest review and actually I didn't expect this much change in such a short amount of time, especially coming from an affordable beauty product. I underestimated it at first, but a proof is a proof! So if you're asking for a quick and harmless fix to your pimples, it doesn't hurt to try this one out. I tested it and it worked.

Visit here for more info about this product. Thank you @ClaudiaGisma, @Gachie_ and @NatasiaOen for stepping into the challenge with me! Xx

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31 August 2016

( The scallop swimsuit that I sewed the night before my flight. Not too shabby, isn't it? )

Living only 2 hours flight away from one of the world's most beautiful island, Bali, never make me take it for granted even once. Dedicated to people who use 'are you a beach or mountain person?' as an icebreaker to every conversation: I was born and grew up on the seaside, and have always been a beach baby. 

And to synchronise that, I'm also very idle sometimes (or as I prefer to say it, 'economical in motion') that I literally I can give myself the best vacation ever just by laying down on the sand and watch the waves. All day. Away from the phone and anything that remind me of work. I'll let the sun tells me what time it is. That's my kind of holiday.

Then again, what's a plan of being lazy all week without this?! Breakfast without moving your ass anywhere else. I found Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua to be the best place to get lazy and have everything well taken care of. My ultimate holiday plan as I imagined (or even better) :

1. Wake up late and have breakfast in bed
2. Dip into a swimming pool next to my bedroom door
3. while enjoying chocolate and macarons provided in my room  (I swear this hotel knows me best.)
4. Balinese spa & massage on an outdoor bed by the beach!
5. Drink champagne for brunch with unlimited choice of cuisine, and of course, DESSERTS.
6. Getting familiar with the sun and salt water. Spend hours at the beach.
7. Enjoying Italian pizza & cocktail on sunset.
8. Chilling in the private library with a collection of good books inside the hotel accompanied by coffee and pastries.
9. Facial treatment at an award-winning spa Vietura, still inside Sofitel. (I rated the diamond peel treatment five out of five, my skin has never felt smoother.)
10. Soaking in a hot bath tub in my room while watching my favourite series to complete my perfect day of being lazy.

And there you go, each one of my wish list came to realisation:

Weekend brunch is what Sofitel Nusa Dua famous for, and they have received luxury restaurant award for their restaurant, Cut Catch Cucina. Definitely not something to miss when you're in Bali.

(Speaking of brunch, I can so get used to afternoon drinking. I am ready to make this culture mine.)

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