Happy BATIK Day, Everybody!

As if some of you living outside Indonesia might don't know this yet, today is world's first Batik Day :D and Indonesia has set that every Friday is a Batik Day :) so happy to watch all people (Indonesian and the foreigners) on the streets wearing Batik, and even discount promotion in malls for everyone who wears Batik! Batik is inaugurated by UNESCO as one of Indonesian heritages which contains value of traditional art, culture, and also a contribution of fashion, cool eh? I think this is huge, because it's like the first big day for fashion celebrated by a whole nation! :)

So last month I created this Batik bracelet from this pink Batik fabric my aunt gave me while I visited a small batik workshop in Lasem, and I just had the chance to post it now. Luckily I brought my sewing kit, favorite DIY accessories & charm pendants from Jakarta, which I can put it on my Batik charm bracelet! :D

you can put anything on your charm bracelet; butterflies, gemstones, ringing bells, chains, colorful buttons, studs, anything that makes you happy! :)

what I put in mine: purple and green gemstones, bells, green buttons, studs, chain, butterflies
..you can put your initial too, or your loved ones :P

That's all, and don't forget to wear Batik today! :)

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