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09 July 2013
Birthday Presents!

Turning 20 didn't seem so dreadful anymore because I got a bunch of cool presents from awesome people! I feel so grateful to be surrounded by the nicest and most creative friends around me :') My first present was from Kak Cindy Biantoro & Ario Achda. It's a box full of my favorite things *Kak Cindy really knows how to pick the cutest birthday present ever!* Thank you for putting so much thoughts on every single present, this is so sweet and I love it very muchhh! *attacking you two with the biggest hug*

D-I-Y necklace from Kak Cindy :)

this mini sewing machine is a music box! :'D

cutest tiny vintage flower vases!!

How. Can. I. Not. Love. Vintage Letter Stamps?! :D

a little girl with a bunny notebook :')

Thank you, you two! :)

An artwork also from Kak Cindyyy, I will definitely happy to have this for my new house! :D

A picture of myself printed in a canvas, by Printerous :)

D-I-Y bag from my friend Cindy Karmoko, and quirky landscape pasta from Milan! :)

My dearest Evita Nuh couldn't make it to my party but she sent me a present by mail! That's a very sweet of youuu :) This book is actually a secret box, which I can put my stuff or accessories in it... It's her *secret* project and I'm the first person to have it! This is very special, thank you for the honour and good luck for your project, Cha! :)

a library card with my name and my birth date in it :3

you know I'm a sucker for handwritten notes! :D

Another present is from The Watch Co., they sent me their newest collection of AARK watch!

And the very first present I got the night on my birthday, comes from my lovely boyfriend. He gave me a set of MAC x Hayley Williams' make-up collaboration collection, 'Sound Like Noise'!! I never thought he would give me this because it's very sweet that he actually pays attention to what make-up collection I'm into :)) Then he brought me the other box, which contains a beautiful diamond necklace and a birthday card with his handwriting letter in it :) this is by far the prettiest gift someone ever gave me.

a set of Hayley Williams' lipstick, nail polish, compact powder, and eyeshadow!

He won't let me spill his secret love letter... but it's totally romantic and made me all teary. :')

The best gift from God, a wonderful life surrounded by the people I love. :)

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