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09 July 2013
Hot and Cold

Waking up to a cold and rainy mornings almost everyday lately, the only thing that's missing is a cup of good coffee. I just love this Dolce Gusto coffee machine from Nescafe, I shared it on Twitter and some of you have been asking for a review on my blog so here it is! :)

My newest coffee-maker robot! Teehee :D

Dolce Gusto doesn't only make coffee, it also make ice tea or hot chocolate. Available for both hot or cold beverages! :)

a little 'recipe' on the box :)

There are some times that we don't have time to grind coffee beans or cleaning the mess of making and measuring espresso, but now all I need to do is just to insert the pod and it's done! No mess, no fuss. 

after inserting the pod, adjust water level and press the 'hot' or 'cold' button. Voila!

Heavenly aroma of brewed coffee!

 repeat the method for the creamer and milk foam for your cappuccino. The milk foam turned out nice and soft!

Add cinnamon powder on the top of your cappuccino! 

Definitely the same method for cold beverage too, I tried making peach tea with Dolce Gusto!

You can easily find the machine and the pods at Best Denki, Centro, Seibu, or Hero. Do not worry about the electricity consumption, it will turn off automatically after usage. Go to their facebook page or tweet them for further info. Glad to have this, my home is now a perfect home with a coffee maker that is as easy as pressing buttons! :)

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