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12 July 2013
Rainy Days and Mondays.

Ellesse windbreaker jacket, SheInside robot sweater, vintage mustard skirt, Juju shoes

I have a love-hate relationship with Jakarta's rainy season. It is indeed the perfect weather if I were at home,  have nothing to do rather than chilling on the couch and spending my time watching DVDs or Bunheads series (aaah, one of those lazy days), but it turns to a complete disaster whenever I were outside the house, all dressed-up with a pair of fancy shoes (that unfortunately aren't designed to be amphibian), and don't get started with the traffic jam. But here are some of my favourite things that I wear on rainy days, and made my day even better!

 I went to Ellesse at Kota Kasablanka the other day and this neon green windbreaker jacket in front of the store caught my eyes. You know I've been fancying neon green a lot lately, and what's better than a very cute jacket *slash raincoat* to wear on rainy days? This month's best buy! :) 

I received this Babe Juju shoes from Destiny on instagram, a pair of water friendly candy-colored shoes with an adorable chunky heels! I never fall on rubber shoes before and this is my exception. Planning to get the baby pink or mint one later :)

What makes me happier this month? my tiny pink Pentax Q10 camera! Nothing is better than able to take good quality pictures without bringing heavy DSLR camera equipment everywhere :) the size is smaller than an iPhone, with an interchangeable lens and colorful body. The price is also so affordable for the quality it has that I'm thinking to buy another colour because it's just sooo tempting. :p

click here to see all the Pentax Q10 colors! :) 

as always, my outfit posts are taken by my brother Brian Imanuel. :)

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