Cobra Effect

yoodle readers! long time no post. Yeap, havent post anything since my laptop's broken and etc etc. Now im posting something. No, this time it's not abt fashion thingy. im tryin to be a lil bit like CobraSnake for the very first time. Superfun. And im retardly amateur, most of the photos I got are shakin, blurry, and some are pointless boo-keh. :)) oh, and some random backstage photos. warning: lotss of photos *i hope your computer's not hating me that much*, so I put the thumbnails here and just click the pics to see the bigger version :)

unyu moment.


hard-dorks rock hardrock

22nd September 2010... for more stage photos, i've uploaded it to my Flickr ( click here :)
See ya!

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