Hair Do Theory.

HELLO! So long since the last post, eh? been busy these days whipping up something big. Gonna tell you when it's ready ;) so, last week I got my haircut. YES! Maybe it's something you do in the salon every certain weeks... but my routine is, I cut my own hair. Been doing that since junior high school because of one haircut tragedy that causing trauma to cut my hair in the salon anymore, hahaha.

Been receiving questions from some of you asking on twitter, formspring, facebook, (or even youtube hahaha) how I do my hair everyday, or what my hairstyle is (which I'm not sure either because I cut my own hair not based on some definite hairstyles :)) ...but not anymore, because yesterday I cut my hair in the salon, and *surprisingly* get rid of my fright for entering beauty shops! Hahaha, big thing. :)

Tada, my hair-do box! :) I cut my hair with that red comb with razor,
before I found One Piece Hair Studio! hahaha :)

Got special treatment on this new salon in town, One Piece Hair Studio (Shunji Matsuo group), so happy. They're using technologies & top hairdressers from Japan! how cool is that. What I love about One Piece Hair Studio is, they cut your hair based on your hair textures, face shapes, and also cool & new treatment you won't find in other hair studios. Lovely.

Meet Kevin, one of the top hairdressers in One Piece.
Now you may ask Kevin what has he done to my hair... hahaha :)) thanks Kevin!

Done! this called, umm, maybe layered hair with bangs. :D Definitely gonna be back here to try other service!

Just come to their outlet, Central Park, Sogo Ground Floor. Oh, one supercool opening promo, they will give you 20% discount if you update your status on Twitter / Facebook. SWEET! :)

more info:

follow their twitter @onepiece_ID

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  1. the name of the salon in one piece? so I guess they had this silly infatuation regarding certain cartoon on tv right? :-)

  2. suka suka suka!!!

  3. Love your hair! I'm definitely gonna go there and try their service! :)

  4. you look sweet, and i'll try their services next time :)

  5. minjem link ini buat ngenalin si Kevin ke temen2 di forum femaledaily yah :) thx thx