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You know there's going to be trouble when you're working and you log onto sites like Tumblr, Polyvore, Lookbook, Twitter and Facebook because it leads to hours and hours of procrastination. So, apologies in advance because I've just added another addictive website to the list - The Riotous Belle at soniaeryka.blogspot.com. Sonia is a stunning 17-year-old Javanese-blooded stylista, 'an atom of silliness' and has been blogging for five years but only started The Riotous Belle in 2009; she describes it 'not as a fashion blog, it's a blog about bunches of my favorite things, and fashion is a part of it'.

The 5'2" coffee lover loves combining prints, textures and colours. Her collection of accessories and shoes are desirable and I love her boldness in creating her own style. Not only does her quirky style of girly vs. grunge makes her a fashion icon around the world but she also sings, plays the guitar, records her own videos and owns her own blogshop. If jealousy was an illness, I would be in a hospital bed right now! Sonia partakes her blogshop, Riotous in many yard sales, so if you're in Indonesia, be sure to check them out and meet and greet the beautiful girl yourself! Wanna find out more? You can get to know Sonia Eryka via Twitter, Formspring, Youtube, Lookbook and Chictopia.

Whoah. I'm really really honored, thanks a lot TiC! ;)

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  1. congrats :)
    i agree , that your blog is awesome :D


  2. congrats :) You deserve it, your blog is big pail of awesomeness!!!

  3. Totally agree, sonia!
    *congrats :3 :)

  4. got your blog url from toungechic, your really interesting :D

  5. Oh, are you friends? You seem to know her so well... or is she really that famous?! Hehe, anyway. I liked her blogshop a lot! Thanks for that share!

  6. I’ve visited her blogshop and your description actually shows a lot of it! Great write-up… What was her impression about you writing about her? She must thankful and all that.