Rated Stylish: Gogirl March 2011

Featured on latest Gogirl! edition, March 2011 for Rated Stylish. Thanks Gogirl! :)

outfits left to right:
+ Topshop wool coat, acid wash jeans, gitchy black heels
+ Lacey floral oversize blazer from Bloggers Yard Sale, doctor bag from Riots Barbie, Wimo brown platform shoes
+ Forever 21 yellow beanie hat, Riots Barbie oversize top, Yellowline green rose stockings, gitchy shoes
+ thrifted shawl worn as headband, comic jacket & ripped short denim from Riots Barbie, thrifted Versace boots
+ Floral coat from Bloggers Yard Sale, Riots Barbie printed leggings, thrifted Versace boots
+ DIY boater hat, brown suede blazer, white shirt from Riots Barbie, black Wimo platform shoes

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  1. shit!

    you're too stylish that you're scary! ! ! LOL

    congrats, girl! it's been a good days for u, eh? :)

  2. http://idealismenayadipatra.blogspot.com/2011/02/life-style-amerika-dan-binatang.html#comments

  3. hai sonia..your blog was published too on Urban Icon magazine..
    baru liat juga dari blog ka Diana Rkasari :)

    i always look up both of u for an update! :)

  4. I have read this and you look so pretty and stylish in your way as always :)

  5. pretty and stylish