Back To The Future

Tokyo Flash launching party - Goods Dept

Tokyo Flash is now available in Goods Dept! :) yes, you can now get those cool watches from Urban Icon at Goods Dept Plaza Indonesia, here's the launching party I attended last night...

Futuristic video mapping that brought me to experience Tokyo Flash atmosphere :)

Japanese desserts!

My Tokyo Flash! Can you read what time was it? Party started at..... 7:17! :D

The icons of Urban Icon's Tokyo Flash!

Cool flashing goodie bags for all invitations, me and Audrio got these light sabers!

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  1. Awesome pictures! <3 Looks like a great event, those Japanese desserts are tempting!


  2. Awesome watch! And yes, finally I could read it :D
    It's 1 light on the 1H, 3 lights on the 2H which means it's 7.
    Then it's 1 light on each of the 10 MN and 5 MN, and 2 lights on 1MN which means 17. Hahaha..
    Kereeeen! :D

  3. ka, aku mau nanya doong. jam tokyo flash yang Ni yg dipake itu, kalo siang tetep keliatan ngga cahaya nya? makasih ya ka :)