December Issue

This December, I'm featured in Men's Folio with 4 other fabulous fashion bloggers!

...winning GADIS Award 2011 from GADIS magazine! Funny remembering I've been reading this one legendary teen magazine since I was a kid, my mom used to subscribed to it when she was young so we've read tons of the issues, and now I'm featured as the most stylish blogger of the year, it's such a huge honor! Thank you GADIS :)

Featured in CosmoGirl along with Pee Wee Gaskins:

...And my post F.A.N.G.S got featured on 2 short articles of Teen Vogue online at once! HAPPY :D

click to read the article

click to read the article

...I miss the blog. December's running so fast. Actually, this year is running so fast. I had the best Christmas, and by far the best year with Audrio by my side. Everything is changing quickly, and I believe they're changing in a good way. Thank You God for the wonderful paths, ways no men can understand. Thank You for everything. I feel blessed. :) Hope you have one peachy Christmas and wondrous New Year, people!

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  1. :-bd

  2. congrats on the features
    you look great:)

  3. congrats on being featured ci sonia, you deserve it! merry christmas to you :))

  4. wow! congratulations, you truly deserve it! hope one day I can rock the fashion world like you!

  5. Congratulations :) you such a lucky, talented girl. keep rocking your blog :D

  6. congratulation to you, you indeed to deserve all of that nominations ! Such a super talented girl =)

    Melisse Zhang

  7. wowwwww....super congrats!!!
    inspirate me more on blogging :)

    check out my blog whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  8. aaa, selamat ya. glad u had a great Christmas :) happy holiday.

  9. wow congratulations sonia! you're really cool and uou deserve it dear :D

    mind to join my giveaway for winning UP shoes?
    just click here giveaway

    have nice day and merry xmas to you! ;)
    xoxo, Jessica

  10. congratulation! you're really an inspiration :)

    planning on visiting Ninotchka!

  11. CONGRATS!!! <3

  12. congratulations love!

  13. congrats for Gadis Award :D
    keep posting sonia!