Finally, a post of Autumn Wipe Out Bazaar! :) This was the first garage sale we held in my cafe @NINOTCHKA_JKT, and the crowds were beyond expectation! You guys are absolutely awesome, the event started at mid-day and the shoppers were queuing before 12 PM. Thank yooouuu for coming and shopping at Ninotchka, and also thank you for my blogger-fellas, Anastasia Siantar, Lalita Tian, Marcella Carolin and June Paski from June & Julia. This event couldn't be done without all of you! I can't wait for another bloggers meet-up, and of course, garage sale! :) Here are some snapshots I got from the shopping frenzy:

The price range started from IDR 30.000!
(...I can't barely choosing other bloggers closets for sale because almost all of our stuffs sold out by the end of the day :)

Red Velvet, Vanilla & Chocolate cupcakes from my cafe, Ninotchka Jakarta :)

Anas's booth, and yes, shoessss, in affordable prices! HMMM. :D

17 December was also Marcella Carolin's blog 3rd birthday so I made her a birthday cupcake! xD

..There are still a lot of photos at the Autumn Wipe Out! You can check out Anastasia Siantar, Marcella Carolin, Gabriel Olivia, Mitha Komala, and Claudia Phankova's lovely blogs, --and you could also leave your link on the comment if you have post or pictures of the bazaar- Thank you for posting, darlings, LOTS OF LOVE! :)

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  1. ooh i missed that event because so many exercises must to do. by the way make another garage sale again this January please! i will come if you hosting another garage sale on January yay :)

    happy new year and have a nice day
    xoxo, Jessica

  2. Ahh wish I was there :(

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. so sad cant join.. :(
    next time i'll be there!!

  5. it seems super fun in the autumn wipe out. so sad i didn't had a chance to come. btw,super love ninotchka ;)

    ellé spectacles

  6. nice eventt look so fun!!

  7. Holy moly! So many people! I would love to do one of these in my home town!

    vonnie <3

  8. The event looks so awesome.
    Too bad, i missed that event :(

  9. it was a total pleasure in Ninotchka ci Sonia! you must construct another garage sale again, I would definitely come. and anyway, happy new year ci and have a great year ahead. xx

  10. whoaaa it's such a pleasant surprise to know that you actually read my post about autumn wipe out. <33
    I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed my time there and obviously, I'm looking forward to the upcoming event, hopefully? X

  11. Yeay reallly cool event from cool bloggers,

    Aku datang juga loh..dan satu-satunya hijabi yang datang kesana (kayaknya sih ^^)

    Can't wait for next event ^^