Shopgasmic, The Last Day

The 2nd day, I picked up the rest of the shopping team (these lucky winners are Yuli from Palu & Jeannie from Jakarta, together with the supercool fashion editor Kak Ayu Utami and our lovely, lovely tour guide from STB, Natasha ) at the airport and dropped off some luggage at Wanderlust hotel. I'm amazed! It looks small on the outside, yet it's soooo artistic, cozy & well-arranged inside. We each got thematic rooms and I got the white one! Each rooms are in different designs & colors, inspired by songtitles or bands. Lovely, lovely hotel rooms for music lovers. :)

Then we started our first destination to Marina Bay Sands to accompany the winners and start giving them fashion advices to spend their 300 SGD vouchers! Yuli spent it at Sephora, grabbed a set of make-up and Charles & Keith for 5 pairs of shoes + bags. Oh, don't forget to drop by at TWG tea, they got a lovely atmosphere and selling their famous signature tea, find cute tea containers with each unique designs you can't resist for souvenirs. :)

By the way, the tour guide took us for a tour around Marina Bay Sands hotel & shopping centre, we also take a trip to the famous boat shaped swimming pool on the top of Marina Bay Sands! Here on the 52nd floor you can enjoy the beautiful bird-view of the entire Singapore.

..That is not photoshop-ed. Kinda thrilling experience, swim and feels like flyin' :D

We continued the shopping trip and accompanied the winners to Orchard, and all of Yuli's needs & wants can be found here :)) The 3rd and last day, we walked to the Haji Lane and it can be reached by only 5 minutes walking from my hotel at Wanderlust, Little India. Yes we hopped in from each shopping spots by only walking or taking the MRT, no traffic jams, no complicated routes, everything in Singapore are made easy for all the travelers and shoppers. :)

Super helpful MRT that takes you anywhere to shop in no time :)

Haji Lane, street of tiny boutiques and local designers. :)

From Haji Lane to Bugis, it only took 1 minutes walking (seriously, it was right across the street :D), the right place to buy souvenirs. Then we took MRT to Somerset, visiting 313, Orchard Centre, and The Heeren, to spend the winners' shopping cash smartly.

Since I'm on a duty to be a fashion consultant of the winners, I hold back my shopping desires as hard as I can, but temptation's everywhere! So I only bought some little knick-knacks while helping them finding the items they were looking for... And I nailed it! :)) Kak Ayu & Yuli were too worn out they need to go back to the hotel, but me and Jeannie still want to hunt for another spots, so we decided to split & changing partners, LOL! I walked with Jeannie along the crowded Orchard road, went to Orchard Cineleisure, and she got this ring but it was only on discount if she buy three pieces, and this situation forced me to buy the rings who've been staring at me from the first time... :D

ION Orchard to buy make-up at Sephora (again!), headed to Takashimaya & back to the hotel. We arrived at the airport at 6 PM for 11 PM flight, and it was not too early because everyone LOVE spending time at Changi Dute Free. :) 3 days are definitely too short for shoppers in Singapore, we need at least 5 days extension! so we visited Ann Siang Hill, Chinatown, ION Orchard, Cineleisure, Marina Bay Sands, The Heeren, Far East, H&M, Takashimaya, 313 Somerset, Cotton-On Alexandra, Orchard Central, Little India, Bugis, Sungei Thieves Market, Haji Lane. There are still a lot of places suggested by all of my superkind followers on Twitter, but we haven't got time to visit, I promise to drop by to all the places and share it again with you guys on my next visit to Singapore!

And these are some stuffs I bought, some are from my 1st day hunt, and found the rest while accompanying the winners xD...

connected chain rings, icy statement ring, both S$10 at Cineleisure
Heartthrobe ring, 3 for S$10 at Bugis

I also bought the red thrifted original Doc Mart boots you saw on the previous post, brown leather shorts, vintage cashier machine from Sungei Road for S$15 only (quite a random purchase you might think, but I collect vintage items for my cafe's display :D) and some make-up supplies such as Majolika Marjora mascaras, Forever21 makeup remover sheets ($5 only! and it's good), and SK2 cleanser. For pricey stuffs especially make-up, my tip is better to buy it at Changi for much cheaper price. Or if you're buying it at some malls around Orchard, Singapore also provides tax refund so you could get a 5% cashback :) And you won't forget this one....

Money can't buy happiness. If these are not happiness, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THESE ARE.

THANKS A LOT to all of the supporters who tweet & suggest aaaall the good places to shop and eat in Singapore. There's a lot differences when I travel alone and when we travel together with a bunch of shopping lists in our hands. I hope you're lucky to win the 500 SGD shopping voucher, good luck! I wish there can be another chance I could pick another followers to have a shopping adventure with me and it should be fun! :D

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  1. Seems fun there :) Wish I can visit Singapore someday ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. great photos, admire the way you edit it, and interesting objects (for sure)

  3. Money can't buy happiness. If these are not happiness, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THESE ARE.


  4. Please let me be your shopping companion next time!!! <3 <3 LOL

    I'd jump with extreme happiness if that happens.

  5. Looks like you had so much fun! =) Kinder Bueno extreme love!!! X

  6. nice pictures!! bet you had lots of fun there >< and omg you buy so many kinder there, nice rings too <33

  7. love the connected chain ring!
    and thanks for the 5% cashback info, didnt know bout it ever before :)

    visit my beauty blog : christanath's beauty blog

  8. Next time it gotta be me soniaaaaa!! *ketjup*


  9. Hy! I'm a french fashion designer and i want broadcasting rights to one of your photos for my t-shirt collection.Contact me at my e-mail adress: I would show you the model of the t-shirt :)Thanks.

  10. Amazing photos, so climatic .