Wish You Have A Magical Day.

I’m baaack with more experiences to share about Disneyland HK! we went for breakfast at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Before we go further, let me show you the beautiful lobby! Chandelier hanging, flowers everywhere, it looks like a vintage English style castle and we are the royal family :)

And my recommendation for breakfast buffet at Disneyland Hotel is the Enchanted Garden! Still the white vintage style castle & beautiful views to the garden, you could simply sit there and having breakfast, it feels like being one of the Disney princesses. :D My company for breakfast, Clara! 

Mickey waffle for breakfast! :D

Turns out we were not alone, because all of the classic Disney characters are here to accompany and they’ll be available anytime to take pictures together! 

They also give you the printed pictures & keychains as souvenirs. Cute! :)

After breakfast, we’re off to Disneyland Park *again* to visit the Main Street USA. Yeay! It’s time to discover all the tiny shops & vintage cafes along the road! 

Clara lend me her ubercute hat because it was hot in afternoon... Don’t forget to bring your most stylish glasses & hat too!

Main Street USA is filled with all vintage shops display and I’m so thrilled to enter it one by one, from a photobooth, bakery shop, coffee shop, goldsmith and jewelry, anything from the 20-century is here! After me and Clara done exploring the vintage shops on Main Street USA, we entered Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland, it was some kind of safari jungle travelling, and you can see Tarzan’s treehouse on another side of the river, where the setting is exactly just like in the cartoon!

Whoops! Let the blurry pictures tell it all! :D

They set fire to the rain... I mean, river!

Our safari guide was amusing, even this is for all ages but I actually got a little bit thrilled when I saw the crocodiles, elephants, hippos, and suddenly an explosion coming out from the cave and lights the water on fire! Cool.
And guess what... I finally brace myself to try one of the newest attraction on HK Disneyland, the adrenaline-pumping one! I just don’t know it would be TWICE as scary as I thought. It’s the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Minecars, locating in the World Exclusive Grizzly Gulch, the newest theme land opening this July. Exactly what I've been waiting for!

This is just a quarter of the railway that could be seen and seems *fine*.
See, the key is do not expect anything, especially after I saw the railway and I thought “Hell yeah! it wouldn’t be the extreme one, just an ordinary high-speed train.” ...and on the first minute of the ride I was like “OMGOMGOMG WE ARE GONNA DDDDIIIIEEEEE.” Haha! Of course it’s not dangerous, but for a roller-coaster newbie like me, it’s surely a scary one. Imagine you in a high-speed roller coaster going up in almost 90 degrees position, and suddenly it goes backward for a full track (still in high-speed), stopped, and goes forward again. I was planning to take picture of me on the roller coaster (not imagining how I would look like), but then we were not supposed to bring camera or anything because it might fall off the train.Okay I’m not gonna spoil the rest, but you’ve got to try it yourself. It’s crazy awesome, I want to do it again! :D

Now the shooting time! We headed for Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blazters in Tomorrowland, which is a shooting game with an inter-galactic settings. Uber coolness! Anyway it’s an all ages attraction so it would be fun if you come and try this with younger brother or sister. I got beaten by Audrio’s score in this game. I want a rematch! :D The day is almost over, but I’m still waiting for the firework show at the end of the day. So I took about 10 minutes to enter it’s a small world area before the firework show. Look at this victorian era dolls pictures I took, too cute!

Anddd, it’s finally the time for the firework show. Super crowded! I suggest you to come earlier for the firework show so you can pick the best view for your enjoyment :D It was held in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Looking at the classic castle and the fireworks, it looks exactly like the beginning of every Disney cartoons movie! Too sad that it’s also a sign that Disneyland park is about to closed. It was a madly fun experience and as I'm writing this I miss Hong Kong Disneyland alreadyyy! Thank you Disneyland for such a pleasure having us for spending our holiday, you rock! :D

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  1. These photos are so adorable! I miss HK Disneyland!


  2. aaahhhh i want to go there again after saw all your fun pictures!
    apa gak panas ce kesana pake kemeja ? :D

    Ruby and Rosa

  3. Love what you and Clara wore!


  4. these Hong kong trip photos are getting better and better!
    And the mickey waffle was just so cute!

    putri soe

  5. Love all your photos! It's like reading a storybook with pictures. ♥


  6. Hii what camera did you use? it looks so cute :3

  7. I love your outfit, sonia. So gorgeous! xx


  8. both of you (Sonia and Clara) look so adorable <3

  9. Love all the photos here! You and Clara looks so cute :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. super love this post, you are so pretty, sonia


  11. omg this post makes me want to book a flight to hongkong anytime soon :') i miss Disneyland too T__T

    Letters To Juliet

  12. Love this! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook! If you have bloglovin, we should follow each other!

  13. I love your outfit especially your shorts <3 By the way you look have so much fun :D Nice photos!

  14. Very nice place for vacaton. I will bring my chldren to Disneyland Hong Kong next years. Thanks for sharing.

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