Mom's Batik top, Cloth Inc lacey tank, kain Borobudur

The gang's plan today was to spend a day in Borobudur (Magelang), learning and admiring the oldest Buddhist temple & one of the 7 wonders of the world. Each stones are made like an intersection lego puzzle concept, and I just knew that this huge temple was built with only egg whites as the adhesive, without any cement. And on the side of Borobudur I saw mountains incidentally looked like a sleeping man, with a precise proportion. According to the legend, that was Gunadharma, the creator of the temple resting and protecting his creation. Though I got a goosebump when I watched Life of Pi the other day and the Carnivore Island looks like a body, exactly like that mountain. What a coincidence. :)

The legend said that if you find one particular stupa with sitting Buddha in it and you can reach Buddha's crossed feet, 
any of your wish will come true.

Leather bag I bought on my first visit to Borobudur. 
Thank you Oline for helping me take pictures! :)

Just when you thought we bloggers just do pretty poses....

Having lunch at Borobudur Silver, restaurant and silver jewelry craft

 Christina, loving Kerupuk.

It's just amazing to see how a place could tell you a lot of history, from a thousand magnificent stone-carving, made into some kind of journal connected the people's life in the past. :) After a few hours of exploring Borobudur (and of course, wasting our energies taking pictures with any crazy poses we can possibly do), we finally got tired and decided to go where any women can't resist...... SPA!

We arrived at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa by Mustika Ratu at about 7 pm with a worn-out condition, and it was so nice to get a warm welcome by friendly staffs and a cup of hot ginger tea. :) The ambience was very relaxing with some calming scents of Indonesian spices. As I heard from travelers reviews, this is one of the best massage they've ever been around the world. Kudos! I got 2 hours massage and just like the name, I felt like being treated like a princess in the old, traditional way. Thanks a lot for the wonderful service, Taman Sari! :)

went back to the hotel. New post tomorrow, still in Jogja! :)

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  1. this trip seems so fun!
    And you're looking adorable as always!

    visit my blog too, and check out my Shanghai post :)

    isle of view (5x)


  2. look soooo much fun. I love the Batik you are wearing. Nice pics, nice pics indeed :)

  3. what a fun trip! really want to go to Jogja now :D

  4. loving your outwear sonia :) you look gorgeous.. and you are so lucky to meet those gorgeous bloggers <3

  5. Do you go to jogja for a vacation? I really want to meet you xx

  6. such a beautiful lovely journey! i'm glad you have fun with fellow bloggers. and the superhero pose is hilarious xD you girls look pretty in batik!

  7. oh you guys all look so pretty in those ethnic tops and bottoms! not many bloggers do a post in ancient and historical sites, you know haha

    and love the pose!

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  8. Love your batik top!

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  10. You look gorgeous with batik are you wearing :)

  11. Stunning outfit and you look really beautiful :)

  12. cute! cinta produk Indonesia! <3

  13. nice pics sonia!
    you look great


  14. We freaking love your style. Such a great find for today! <3