Reminiscence: Jogja.


My second time to Keraton Jogja (The Sultan's Palace), and still amazed. Among all of the regions in Indonesia, Jogjakarta is one of the provinces that still led by a king (Sultan, who is also the governor of Jogjakarta). Turns out there were a lot of things I haven't seen on my first visit.
+ The sultan's furniture and painting collection.
+ Royal family and relatives' old photos with their kain collection (their outfits used to describe their social levels in the monarchy.)
+ Traditional dance and gamelan music they used to perform in front of the king or on royal events.
+ Meet Ayu, the guardian's pet in the Sultan Palace. Her name means beauty in Javanese language. :) + This beautiful Batik-print dress is a present from Alleira Batik. Thanks a lot!
+ with my blogger friend Christina Topacio from NY, at the water castle (Taman Sari Jogjakarta). This wonderful place was a private pool area for the king, queen, and their princesses.
+ A simple ponytail knot.

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  1. really like your batik dress :D so beautiful

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  3. loved your post kak :)

    visit my diary too >> :)

  4. I've been in Keraton Jogja twice and always amazed with it. So classic and magical.
    Nice Batik you were wearing

  5. love your dress, but thanks son! lu buat gue makin pengen ke jogjaaa :<

  6. really like your dress,, match with that's culture :)

  7. mau dong di ajak jalan sama artis

  8. Kak sonia edit pake photoshop atau app lain?

  9. I super love your batik dress!


  10. Love your outfit xx

  11. Nggak cuma sekedar keren......keren banget!!!! Anyway aku juga ada foto disitu loh di tamansari<3

  12. the batik dress is awesome! I love your traditional adventure, it's make Indonesia more popular :D

    visit my little cream button♥

  13. lovely shots as usual! and gorgeous batik dress xx

    Letters To Juliet

  14. So Indonesia kak hahahaha Proud to be Indonesian

    Eka Theresia♥

  15. unique batik.. must be so amazing wearing it!

  16. LOVE your dress! And your blog as well. Your style is very unique.

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  17. beautiful ka :D aku juga baru-baru ini dari Jogja. such a beautiful city


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  19. I really love your batik dress :)

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