The Dainty Sunday

Back to the Javanese beauty. I've always been interested in handicraft, and these things about traditional handicraft is awesome. As a few days ago I went to experience the Batik making, it was an honor having the chance to see how the Batik tools are made, at a Batik village in Pekalongan. The beautiful copper stamp above is used for Batik Cap, easier procedure (we could pass the drawing process but it'll still take time for coloring, cleaning the fabric and re-stamp it one by one), and the copper stamps are still traditionally made by hands, in a small house with 5-6 handicraftsmen. It's sooo pretty I'm thinking of bringing it home and use it as my house's decoration. :)

 Designing the copper stamps.

And I just found out that people these days are still using particular fruit to clean their valuable fabrics like Batik, so it would last longer without ruining the colors, called Lerak. I was kinda surprised to see this fruit got foamy like a usual detergent or soap, without any chemical that could ruin the fabrics. And they use it to wash their silver jewelries to keep them shining, too. Hey, magic fruit! :)

One of the silver jewelry craft studio I visited :)

The Christinas did a little shopping of two beautiful sheer tunic dress at a tiny Batik shop in Pekalongan!

Trying Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, produced mainly from Sumatera, Indonesia. Comes from the digestive system of Luwak, an animal that eats coffee berries. I know it's kinda gross, but they said luwak knows the best coffee berries they choose in the woods, and the animal's enzym making it even better. Since it's very rare (some of you might think of kidnapping a Luwak and force it to eat coffee berries..... it will not taste as good though, LOL!), it costs about 50 USD per cup. Insane price for a cup of coffee, eh? :D And after our first stop in Pekalongan, we headed to the next city in Central Java, Indonesia. Jogjaaa! Stay tunes for more traditional fashion adventure on my blog! :)

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  1. must be nice there! have fun!

  2. soo much fun

  3. nice photos Batik making, love it :)

  4. Batik again :D I really love your batik's post! Amazing.

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  5. never tried Luwak before, does it taste better than any other coffees? anyways that magic fruit is pretty much awesome :O

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