confetti and the lightings that created some kind of cool intergalactic effect on stage. :)

I never thought I could finally be here & watched Blink 182 live! I never thought I could finally attended the concert. The last days before my departure date were so rough, there were some trouble with my visa / travel that broke my heart & almost forced me to cancel all my plans & sell both the concert and plane tickets. ALMOST. I've been planning this with Audrio since last year, the very first time we heard that Blink 182 and Paramore is joining Australia's Soundwave in 2013. Awesome line-ups, we were saving up for this, being as ready as we can be. After all the rough days, we're finally going!

wearing my Aye Denim shirt for the concert!

Our first Blink 182 show was awesome. Though Travis confirmed that he couldn't make it to Soundwave just before the show which left all Blink fans including us quite disappointed, but we're still happy because we got the chance to watch Blink 182 LIVE twice in a week! Definitely one of the best week in my life.

Hello, Mr. Hoppus. :')

The show started at 8 PM, and we arrived at 2 PM for queuing, it was already like 20 meters line, full of Blink die-hard fans! My first concert here was actually different than what I expected. I went to some some concerts in Jakarta and I actually don't mind with moshing and stuff (you're gonna be the one who's weird if you have issues with moshing or crowd surfing, in a rock show), but I forgot that my body posture is considered tiny than most of the people here. They were like twice my size, so I decided to stand in the front line. The venue were super-packed. This was the second time of Blink 182 playing in Australia after 2004, eight years ago, no wonder the ticket box was absolutely sold out by 15,000 audiences. Blink started to play, and there were huge pushes from all the directions. I can't barely breath, people started to lost their shoes, somebody else threw it to other sides, the girls flashing & throwing their underwear to the stage, one of the audience passed the security check with a box of raw eggs, a friend of mine (fortunately a guy), lost his t-shirt because of the chaotic moshing crowd, and went naked after the concert... Just some madness you can't find here. :))

Blink rocked the stage with an epic opening of 'Feeling This' & 'Up All Night', with Brooks from Bad Religion behind the drum set, replacing Travis. Here is the complete setlist of their Sydney Sidewave 2013:

Feeling This
Up All Night
The Rock Show
What's My Age Again?
Dogs Eating Dogs
I Miss You
Wishing Well
After Midnight
First Date
Heart's All Gone
Ghost on the Dancefloor
Man Overboard
All The Small Things
Reckless Abandon
All of This
Boxing Day
Family Reunion

*...I got another goosebumps just by seeing the setlist. :)*

...all photos are taken with iPhone camera. Thank you God for the opportunity to attend our first ever Blink concert. One bigger show to go! :)

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  1. waoooow wonderful experience! the photos look amazing too.

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    i'm a die hard blink fans since i was in junior high school, and thanks god i was able to see tom delonge live with AVA back in 2008 (in their jakarta show). he was singing an acoustic version of reckless abandon too there. absolutely one of the greatest memory i ever had.

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