MAKE-UP: Daily Routines

I've been receiving a lot of questions of what products I'm using for make-up, and I decided to write about my daily make-up recommendation, from base to finishing! I don't use heavy make-up on daily occasions since it feels tiring to have thick layer of foundation on your face for a whole day and it's not good for your skin too, so I try my best not to use foundation too often. So glad that The Body Shop launched this awesome all-in-one BB cream!

What I love about this BB cream:
- light texture, it doesn't feel like you're wearing make-up.
- it covers freckles and blemishes.
- non-clogging, so it won't cause acnes.
- hydrating your skin and NOT oily! :)
- colour adapting, all you have to do is blend the cream on the back of your hand and it will adapt to your skin tone in a minute!

It feels like having moisturiser, foundation and concealer in one bottle. I usually have problems on picking the right cosmetics for my combination skin, oily on the T-zone and very dry on the cheek area. I need a make-up base to balance it, hydrating without making my T-zone even more oily, and this is the right product! It gives me glowing effect (and not greasy), and now I can throw my oil paper away because I don't need it anymore, mehehe :)

I'm using All-in-One BB Cream no. 2...

blend it on the back of your hand until the colour adapted, and apply to skin. I used it to cover up my freckles on the cheeks :)

Here's what you get after the first BB cream layer, even & glowing skin, but not oily. Perfect! :)

For matte finishing, apply this loose powder lightly on your face using powder brush.

I love how it looks so effortless and doesn't look like I'm wearing tons of make-up, yet it covers well! :)

To get fresh look and even more glows on your face, apply this multi-purposed Shimmer Waves!

This multi-purposed Shimmer Waves is a must-have.

I'm using the first three layers of the shimmer waves for blush, apply it on my cheeks area. I'm using the darkest one for eye shadow, and the lightest colour for highlights. You can also get the shiny Korean look by using light colour on your eyelid, it makes your eyes sparkle! :)

...Open up your eyes with mascara & eyeliner.

I am a fan of lipstick! I have different colours of lipsticks and I use The Body Shop's Dusk Pink for natural look. Not too glossy and not matte either, just perfect for daily routines.

Hair bow from Hair Ribbon Shop!

On bad hair days or when there isn't enough time to style my hair, I just make it half up and attach a pretty hairbow for distraction. Blow out the rest of the hair (yes, this happens when I'm in a hurry and I don't have time to blow out this thick hair! :)), you'll be looking neat in 5 minutes! :)

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  1. Such a simple everyday make-up, I think it's really light and perfect! I think you've perfected the technique of using the eyeliner to make the "cat-eye" look! I have a question though, does the lipstick dries out your lips? Do you ever consider just using lipbalm or lipstain instead?


  2. Lovely pictures and review! <3
    Im actually use The Body Shop's concealer, all in one bb cream, and llose powder for my daily makeup too. And I looooovvveeee it! And this is a perfect makeup combination for a natural flawless look! <3
    Or even for a newbie like me :D
    Recommended! <3


  3. @ Donna: True true!

    @ Sarah: No, it's not dry at all, I knew some of the lip balm / lip gloss that supposed to moisturise lips but in the end it left the lips even dryer, it's horrible haha but thanks God this Body Shop lipstick is just perfect :)

  4. woww thanks for the tip and a little suggestion from me.. you should do a video on makeup tutorial to make it easier :D

    cheer, michelle

  5. Oooh I see then. Thank you for answering my comment! I usuallu use lip tint for my lips, I think it gives a more natural look but, well, it's different for every people haha! Let me know if you want to try it out :)

    And btw, I love your blog! (esp, the pictures, they're so artsy and beautiful)

  6. So pretty! Thanks for the review! xx

  7. love your review! <3

    please kindly visit mine in ur spare time hehe

  8. love your style! cool!

  9. cute bgt! suka hairstylenya :)

  10. this review sonia!

  11. I Love this post so much !, and i love your hair ribbon too .. so cute :D