Antiques Hunting. photojournal - Pentax Q10

Flew to Jogja last week with Audrio and meeting my dearest friend Clara. Jogja is one of the place I always love to go for a short getaway in the middle of chaotic deadlines. Went for some antiques hunting with Angga & Clara as the guides (and turned out the antique shop was belong to one of my readers! :D). Anyway, they are sooo lovely *ehm* together.

Hanging out at Angga's cafe which inspired by Indonesian's vintage era, Kepik Sawah. The foods were really good, I'm a sucker for Indonesian foods and only thinking about this already make my mouth drools. Oh brain.

I had a lot of fun with this lovely couple (please tell me it's official xD), we went to visit some thrifting markets and tried different culinary spots. You can't visit Jogja without trying tandem rides at Alun-Alun, and enjoying ronde as midnight snack. I want to do it again next time! Thank you for being a great tour guide, showing me places to go, and sorry for exploiting your driving ability throughout my visit, thank you for being so nice and driving me to the airport too, Claire! :) *hugs*

new friends I made in Jogja! :) striking some vintage soft drink commercial pose. (Top by @barbie_junk on instagram.)

Another thrift-hunting after dinner, one of the secondhand stores in Jogja that opens until midnight!

+ all photos were taken with Pentax Q10.

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  1. It's so cute how your outfit kind of matches the mood of the store and the restaurant... Love these pics <3

  2. Sometimes i m tired to bring DSLR to everywhere during my trip, Thinking to get Pentax Q10 too for my travel buddy :-)

    its body looks cute and the result seems nice too...


  3. wah awesome stuffs <3

  4. Next time when in Jogja I will do the same thing too, seems so fun hunt for some antique goods

  5. I love your blouse :)

  6. These images are great and you look beyond pretty!

  7. wow what an awesome pics you took with pentax Q10, makes me wanna give it a try!
    Anyway, I love your outfit as usual, so chic and sweet.

  8. Sepanjang post, I got attracted by your shirt. Beli di mana kaaaa?

  9. blog is amazing, and cool. visit my blog too at
    come feel the thrill of adventure in the world blue. / MUFR!

    -galassia del sogno-

  10. Kak Sonnn itu yang kacamata-kacamata di Jogja sebelah mananya sih?

  11. woooww... another point of view at Jogja!!!

    I love Jogja, the culture, the people, foods, etc..
    and I love that vintage cafe too^^
    please tell us, where's the location of the cafe, Sonia?

    and uhm,, Angga seems a nice guy^^
    yes he's look lovely couple with Clara :)

    adios kudos

  12. Please write a review about Pentax Q10, Sonia. Thank you hihi :)

    Keep writing!

  13. great pictures! Jogja looks so fun apparently :D

    Letters To Juliet