School Break

Ellesse white shirt, daisy POP flats, what i wore stuff red hairband, Grinitty necklace, vintage skirt, grandma's purse.

Dressing-up according to the 60s never bore me (and I wish you feel the same way too), finding vintage pieces like my red skirt, the grandma purse and the daisy shoes, that inspire me to do the vintage outfit posts always excite me. And now I'm enjoying my middle-length hair before it grows longer, perfect for flipped-out bouffant hair. :D

Riots Barbie's sleepyhead sunglasses...

This notebook is a gift from Booshe Project, they made notebook with vintage covers that I adore! I can't wait to read this in public and trying to start a conversation with strangers just to freak them out. Meheheh.

White-buttoned shirt with batwing cut... strange and wonderful.


60s vibe is strong on the shoes! :)

What are you planning to do this holiday? Why not come to our NINOTCHKA MONDAY MARKET? It's a pop-up store during the Ramadhan season for one month non-stop!

2nd floor of NINOTCHKA
Citra Garden 6
Sixth Avenue
Blok J5A-18
Kalideres, Jakarta Barat

This is not just a one-day event like our previous bazaars, but we'll have this from 22 July - 22 August 2013, we're exclusively selling brand new items from the participating brands: Only I by Diamondhurts, Riots Barbie (mine!), Inspired by Luce by Clara Devi, de.cada.dia by Bethanny Putri, Anata by Sabila Anata, Antyk Butyk and Judittie! Be sure to drop by to Ninotchka and check them out :)

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  1. Super cool and pretty vintage-student!

    Are you really from 2013?

  2. omg, so cute!!

  3. such an adorable 60s look <3 love it all <3

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  5. adorable! x3
    love the skirt and shoes so much :D

    cheer, michelle

  6. I looooooooove these photos!!!!!

  7. I love the nostalgic and vintage feel of these photos! The grain is so cool :) you look really classic and pretty! Thank you for sharing these photos!


  8. I love you style and the way your picture is editted.

    Visit us and we'd love you to comments.

    stay stylish,


  9. Super love your vintage student look !

  10. love your student oufit .. very sweet and vintage :o :)

  11. Pretty as always ^^~ Love your sunnies.

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