Backpacking to Japan.

Heck yea, it's not one of my impulsive idea -- well, actually yes it is. A few weeks ago in the middle of the night, me and Audrio randomly browsed for some airplane tickets, and we found a promo ticket to Tokyo. We immediately bought it, without having anybody there that we know, we have completely no idea where to stay, we don't know what season it is in Japan right now, one of the Japanese words I know is 'Banzai' (my friend used to say that a lot and after I googled it that word means 'attacking fiercely and recklessly' and it wouldn't sound so good when a tourist say it), make me believe this trip can be thrilling. BUT IT'S TOKYO! What could go wrong when you're in one of the best place on earth? 

The night before our morning flight, we just heard that a snowstorm hit Japan, and Tokyo was snowing heavily like never before in 50 years that hundreds of flights were cancelled. It scared us a little bit but thank God we had a safe flight. The only problem was, my luggage didn't arrived with us, it's still missing somewhere. The airport crew said they need time from 5-7 days (or quoting my friends, it might take forever) to look for the missing luggage and deliver it to me when they found it.  So yes, I'm stranded in snowy Tokyo in the middle of the night with the only clothes that attached on my body, and a tiny backpack. Backpacking in Tokyo, starts now! :D

Outfit of the Day, or the better caption, The Only Outfit I Have on Me.

I'm wearing Aye Denim sweater & denim, Uniqlo coat, Forever 21 beanie hat and Air Jordan 1 Retro shoes, luckily my airport outfit is enough to keep me warm for the first day. They said the weather was horrible because Japan has never been this cold and snowy before. But it's me & Audrio's first snowy winter so we're probably the happiest people under the storm! (we literally walked through it for shopping) and we were kind of lucky to be here because we can experience the snowy Tokyo. And it's true because the view was breathtaking. I tried to capture every beautiful scenery that I saw  but believe me, the real version is hundred times prettier. :)


This ramen shop located in Shibuya easily topped any ramen we've ever tried in our life. No kidding.

You can pick any random sushi stall here and it's still taste better than the one in your hometown
(except if you're living in Japan.)


me and le boyfriend.

...Continuing tomorrow for the tips on How To Survive Japan with only a backpack! :D

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  1. I love those impulses, telling me to go somewhere without knowing what to find.


  2. so you basically in japan without tour guide and luggage? just both of you? That's awesome!! don't you feel kind of lost at the first time? Don't know where to go or where to stay at night. Never tried that. I probably have some kind of panic attack :'D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  3. So envy!! I looove Japan so much and feel like crying when I saw the photos in instagram because it's really beautiful :"D

  4. Your new hair is WOW me! I love Japan, waiting for the next post :)

  5. Pretty hair
    Stunning Style
    Beautiful photos!

    Oh my. you're truly a weird (in a good meaning) living barbie with cool mindset. If I were you, I'd be die in 3 days. I mean, staying somewhere overseas without my stuffssss...??

    You are much stronger than DORA, I guess.

    Oh wow. New appearance of the blog!
    Lagi musim upgrade tampilan blog ya ini sepertinya di blogosphere Indonesia X)))

  6. Are you sure you can survive in Japan only with a backpack? LOL :p Love your new layout :)

  7. Your new hair so adorable! I love it!

  8. Woaaa more simple yet chic your new layout!
    But actually I prefer the old one. Yg sekarang jd seperti blog kebanyakan, nuansa sonia eryka nya jadi berkurang, yg ada foto keren click video music direct ke youtube setelah header, dan header yg dulu sayang dihilangin :(. But thats okay, change is good, the new one have the new atmoshphere so is good.

    Still a big fan of your blog tho <3
    Happy valentine and happy anniversary for both of you! Next post write a backpacking post in another country for your two honeymoon!

    Lucy. Http://

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  10. adore your green hair, it makes me green envy! And you're so lucky to be in Japan!!

  11. that green hair suits you perfectly <3
    and those ramen make me so hungry :(

  12. i love your hair so much and seems like you had a great time !!

  13. Your trip is so interesting I would want to experience it despite the fact that you only had one outfit and backpack (hope you get your lugage) I'm actually going to Japan next month and I hope you would share some more of your trip! Maybe I could visit those cool places:)

  14. wow seems fun having an unexpected journey! anw have fun ! <3

  15. wow seems fun having an unexpected journey! anw have fun ! <3

  16. When I finish school, I'll be certain that I'm gonna try impulse buying plane tickets and (((accidentally))) bring just one backpack, because it sounds like such a good idea. I've always wanted to go to Tokyo because of all its liveliness (and this time, snow), and all the food that any Japanese restaurant in my country can't top. Hope you find your luggage though!

  17. really love your new blog layout !! simple but so fresh !! <3<3
    your trip is always seemed fun and how come your luggages were missing in Malaysia :O

  18. The most memorable moments are those unprepared! :D
    Hope you survive Tokyo, Sonia!
    Le boyfriend looks handsome btw. ;)


  19. Japan!!!! So lucky u, super fun holidayyy

  20. Japan!! I really love your blogs, outstanding!

    wud u visit my blog ->

    tq so much :)

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