Cold Days in Tokyo

 Some snapshots on our room's window when it was snowing heavily in Tokyo. They said the weather was horrible but we wouldn't feel sad because everything just looked even prettier and magical.


 Great news: I got my missing suitcase back so now we can take photos with monopod. Yeay!

 after walking in the middle of freezing weather, coffee sounds like a good idea.

 New Era cap, AYE Denim sweater and pants, Uniqlo checkered shirt, secondhand Doc Mart.

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  1. sooon gileee saljunya numpuk abis pasti dingin banget.. gw kesana pertengahan December, salju hampir engga ada di Tokyo, udah mau pingsan kedinginan xD
    anyway you look great as always, esp with that red hood!


  2. Those pictures with monopod look so great :D
    And yeah, most people were definitely hating on the snow in Tokyo but it was magical!

  3. i'm not a big fan of Tokyo
    but all ur post make me wanna fly to Tokyo so badly

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  4. nice weather~ too bad there isn't any snow here in jakarta :c
    love that snapback, very bright :D

    cheer, michelle

  5. Oh Japan ♥.♥
    Wish I can go there too someday :3

  6. ah i wish Indonesia is a 4 seasons country! i'm going to Japan on June! thank you for your guides and diary updates!

    Pudding Monster