Bali Vacation

Looks like I still couldn't move on from my New Year's Eve vacation… my Bali vacation was such a blast, I had a lot of fun strolling around Seminyak riding rented motorcycle with my fiancé, trying out new foods, coffee shops, and places to hang out.

wearing Karen Millen embroidery dress.

And some of you have been asking the review of my new compact camera, Samsung NX Mini so here are a few pics I took in Bali… 

The wide angle is so majestic, great for capturing buildings and landscape. I love it.

Vibrant color, great sharpness, and the wide angle from the lens, overall I really LOVE the results! Usually compact digital camera always makes me go 'meh' for the quality, so I only bought them for the sake of practicality and expect nothing from the quality of the pics, let alone using compact camera for instagram or blog, even my iPhone could take better pictures… but this! Please excuse my euphoria, but there is really nothing I hate about this camera. It's adequate for blog pictures since it has large resolution, you all know the feel when you takes picture from your camera, and by the time you edit it, it turns pixelated and it sucks. No, it's not going to happen with this camera.

Second, the practicality. At work, I always need to bring at least 2 lenses with me, which is my 50mm fixed lens for close-up and detailed pictures, and 18-75mm to take wider angle. But it's certainly so heavy and not practical for events. But now I can easily switch the lens for my NX Mini because it fits my small purse and has great quality, the size is pretty much the same as iPhone, but with interchangeable lens. (Oh, the interchangeable lens! Almost forget to tell you that this camera also has other lenses so you can do so many more things with it.)

Look at how well it captured the colours of these greek dishes. Makes me go hungry again…

Another food shot with NX mini… yum yum!

As you can see yourself, I rarely use my phone for instagram anymore, since this camera's result is so much better. Even for selfies! Here's my other highlight. It has flippable screen so you can definitely abuse this camera to take picture of yourself quite often. And with wide-angle lens, it gives slimmer effect on my face (yay!). Not only that, NX Mini provides 'beauty face' filter, so you won't need to edit it anymore, your selfie will look flawless instantly.

My first attempt on taking selfie with NX Mini… and I didn't do any editing on my skin at all. 
This is phenomenal.

another wide shot… taking picture of skies on the highway is my favourite.  

now, outfit post… Blog worthy. No distorted body or head shape as what I often experienced with my phone. :D

For more result of the NX Mini, I also used it for my blogpost here.

You can see how great pictures is produced by a digicam this thin. It makes me happy!

Last but the most important for me, NX Mini is a wifi camera. You can import it to your phone right after you take pictures. No more transferring to laptop or any other old ways… You can either send it via wifi, email, even upload it straight to your Flickr, Dropbox, or Facebook!

What I like about Samsung NX Mini is it doesn't only sell 'cute appearance' for younger market (though I fell easily for this baby blue with leather-like texture), but it offers so many more in quality itself that this cute appearance is a bonus. :)

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  1. keren ya hasilnya gak kalah sama DSLR..
    Keren juga reviewnya tapi tetep yang paling keren Ci Son hehehehe

  2. great review and lovely shots :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. Oh no now I wish for this super coolc camera!

  4. This can be my birthday wish list! <3

    Visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  5. Great pictures <3

  6. great review! loving it :)

  7. i have that camera too and really worth it ka son hehe

  8. swimsuitnya lucu!!!

  9. Nothing more cute than a strawberry swimsuit.

  10. ferienwohnung toskana
    sounds heavenly. there is nothing like a girls trip with no makeup necessary and waking up in the sunshine. have a great time!

  11. cute swinsuit *.* where did you get it?