Singapore - Travel Journal.

The ticket!

Honestly, I'm not a thrill-seeker. I'm that no-fun kid who sits and watches your backpacks while you're going on a roller-coaster. But I was curious to try Puss in Boots' Giant Journey, USS's newest family roller-coaster ride that is safe for all ages. I'm in! :)

Caution, Gingy might break when the roller coaster is down by surprise. It tasted delicious tho!

And I tried other Far Far Away attraction includes Shrek's 4D theatre. Entering this gate welcomed by Counting Crow's 'Accidentally in Love' definitely made my day. I love dramatic entrances.

Hats and accessories! Fits my outfit of the day.

Back to the hotel for dinner! we dined at Palio, Michael Hotel, for italian dishes specialty.

Fresh eggless Pici Pasta, or as called 'Pici Con Aragostelle e Zucchine Alo Zafferano'.


Their Tiramisu was the best but I couldn't miss their other tempting desserts too.

In the morning, we did a quick tour of Resort World Sentosa's newest hotel located in Jurong, Genting Hotel Jurong. It's family-friendly, there are plenty of room types to choose from, it's all nicely designed, easy access to Resort World Sentosa in just one stop shuttle bus, and they have this unique self-service system, a 24-hours vending machine for foods, sunblocks and medicines so it's all very convenient.

Back to Resort World Sentosa, all dressed up in UK indie designer label Alice's Pig sixties inspired top and ready to visit the one and only museum where you just can't behave, TrickArt Museum Singapore.

doing 'The Hobbit' perspective illusion with my little brother.

The other fact I just knew about Resort World Sentosa is that they have sooooo many good choices when it comes to culinary experience! They have dozens of restaurants with celebrity chefs and big names in culinary world such as Cat Cora, Joel Robuchon, Scott Webster, and this time I'm trying out the uniquely concept restaurant, a 'Spa Cafe' named Tangerine, with Chef Ian Kittichai. Specialises in healthy detox meals, all the foods and beverages in this restaurant is definitely flavourful AND totally guilt-free! each and every menu is written with ingredient details and amounts of calorie. This Asian-Western fusion cuisine goes in perfect harmony with award-winning spa treatment, ESPA, to indulge you in your vacation. Sounds just purrrrfect.

Signature detox drinks with honey.

Lean and Spicy Black Angus Tenderloin.

Asian Style Sea Bass and Salsa.

My next stop at Resort World Sentosa is the S.E.A Aquarium! I can easily say this is my most favourite attraction since I love to observe things and the underwater world is downright breathtaking. Really loving the mysterious yet enchanting atmosphere of this oceanarium, I can just sit for hours looking at these wonderful sea creatures moving gracefully. There are not just one or two but more than ten huge aquarium filled with 100,000 unique sea creatures divided by their ecosystems, like shark tanks, manta rays, and sea jellies. Another awesome thing here, you can actually dip into the tank to do a sea trek, and swim with leopard sharks or take selfie with a humongous manta ray. This is truly magical to me.

This is the observatory tank where you can do a sea trekking inside it.

Moving to another side of the S.E.A Aquarium, if you're not feeling adventurous enough to swim with the sharks, well at least don't miss a unique experience of an underwater fine dining ( does remind me of the scene in Shark Tale!). The OCEAN Restaurant is opened by American celebrity chef and first female Iron Chef, Cat Cora, serving sustainable seafood with Mediterranean and Californian accents.

Who thought an unexposed shipwreck could be this pretty?

I went to the Adventure Cove waterpark which located right after the SEA Aquarium and still inside the Resort World Sentosa (now you have any idea how big it is) for a fun dip and Rainbow Reef snorkel. They have a swimming pool that connects to manta rays tank, separated by the glass. It's thrilling enough for me! Overall it's a wonderful experience staying in Resort World Sentosa and it's good to know I can do so many other things than just shopping, I'll be continuing my journey to Singapore Fashion Week on the next post! :)

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  2. Such a lovely trip!


  3. aaa... can't believe this is your first time going to USS! But at least now you know how much fun there :D
    Always love reading (and watching) about your travel diary! The tricky eye museum looks so cool!

    Deasy Tantra

  4. Hey, I'm from Singapore and you should have tried on the best ride at USS! (Battlestar Galactica) But Yeah USS is awesome!! Hope you enjoyed your trip and come again! There are more to do in Singapore.

  5. Seem slike u got soooo much fun there
    Besok2 kalo pergi lagi ngajak-ngajak sonn

    The Dragonfly wants a Jeans

  6. Universal Studios looks so much fun. I need to plan a visit to the one in the U.S.

  7. Your travel diary is never boring, I like it and it inspired me to make a better travel diary, hihi. Thank you :)

  8. looks like you had tons of fun <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  9. Lovely shoes and necklaces <3<3

    Anyways, please do check out my blog here;
    Insouciant Dame
    Thank you :)xx

  10. The broken ship looks so magical and real!

  11. i just got back from singapore u.u i wish i could stay there longer

  12. Whatt a beautiful journey, even more beautiful with you and your style matching. Love it!

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  14. i love all photograph in this post!! and your outfit are lovely as always!

    love, Diras.
    Indonesian Fashion Blogger,

  15. Sonia pake apa sih bikin videonya channel youtubenya keren bgt