Under Your Spell - PHOTO SET.


A collaboration photo set for Moreno Photography x Hian Tjen
Make-up, hair-do and styling by Andreas Zhu
Directed by Jo Widira
Photographer: Agung from Moreno Photography

I was completely in awe with the change made by these amazing people's magic hands. Huge transformation especially on my hair done by the talented Andreas Zhu (you can't even tell if my hair is not real), I'm now a pale and fragile porcelain doll. And I admire Kak Jo & Agung's ingenious work of capturing this beautiful lacy white dress by Hian Tjen to show its delicacy. It's somehow romantic and fragile yet still has a grungy vibe in it at the same time. Such a pleasure to work with these creative people, it's like they breath life into a photography, what they do is magic.

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