You'll miss my ginger hair, and the way I like to dress.

So L'Oreal invited me to their very cool office the other day (they have this private salon that they use for training, experimenting and obviously free treatments, how cool is THAT?!) and they asked me if they can do my hair. Without a doubt I said yes (sorry, it's not f*ck me up fam response you're all waiting for) because: I might not the most updated person about beauty, I put the same thing on my face since I was 12. But hair gets me so excited every time.

One thing I notice: hairstyle can actually affects your whole appearance. That is why I love dramatic makeover, not only because I am easily bored, but also because hair takes a big part on complementing my style. It's a statement. It's an accessories you can't take off. You can actually sleep in it. Well, not as permanent as tattoos (and that's why I like it because I'd like to change my statement accessories regularly.)

So, how do you decide what your next hair makeover should be? For me, I do it spontaneously.

When I got myself a hair makeover, I didn't even thinking about it when I woke up that morning. I did it because I was bored so I went to the salon with zero idea, came home with a short bob. Or green hair. Sometimes I trim my bangs to super short at midnight (usually after watching intriguing movies starring cool girl with cool bangs like Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace or Scarlett Johanson in 'Lucy'.) It's actually relieving to have something new, and doing something impulsive once in a while makes me feel alive. Some people do painful things or jump from the tallest buildings, but I get the thrill from my hair.

There are plenty of reasons why I always love hair makeover. I was kind of contemplated whether I'm going to like this new hair color or not because I was still in love with my last ash, denim hair color (turns out my hair relationship is more complex than my actual romantic relationship.) So this is basically the conversation happened at the salon:

Team: So what do you want to do with your hair?
Me: I've always wanted pink hair...
Team: Ok, so pink?
Me: *opens hair color book* *points out bright orange* This color feels fun.
Team: We can do that.

Result? This is probably the hair color that makes me the happiest (I know I said that so many times out of excitement) and I'm in a cheerful mood 24/7 from seeing this happy color in the mirror, so I'm kind of proud with my last-minute decision-making ability. My message is go with your guts. If you want to try something bold and different, maybe you can start with a hair makeover. If you hate it, it will grow out anyway and at least you have a proof that you once had a ballsy decision (that you might never repeat again.) But if it's done right, it becomes a part of your identity. Because let's be honest here, everyone judge you by the cover. They can feel your tenacious attitude just by your hair. And when some people see you with crazy hair, they kind of already expecting crazy behaviors. Why not take this judgmental situation as an advantage? (it's like a free pass for you crazy people.) Just like the traffic light; my bright orange hair is a warning sign.

Follow my hair journey on instagram, #SoniaErykaHairJournal.

+ Blazer vintage
+ sunglasses WEGO Japan
+ bag Loev & white shirt Byshaa
+ socks Cole
+ shoes Staccato

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  1. I admire your courage to do drastic changes on your looks impulsively. The color and the length of your new hair... I love it!!

  2. I love your new hair! <3

  3. Hi Sonia,
    I'm a new fan of your blog! Particularly this one. I love your perspective about hair. It's so simple yet powerful. I also browsed through a few more post and saw that you've watched Paramore live before. I was wondering, are you channeling your inner Hayley?

    It's uber fab btw.

  4. It was super cool!! Well I'm pretty sure I'll be super excited if I were you. And I totally in love with your style, as always Kak Son!!

  5. Rambutnya super lucu!!! mirip kayakHayley Williama warnanya ya Ka ^^

    xoxo, Kartika


  6. Haha, the way you made your hair color decision sounds like a true Geminian to me!!! Lol! :)

    (Gemini: impulsive and fun)

    But, I love the drastic change though!!!

  7. im very in love with your new hair color :)))

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. sukak banget sama rambutnya!

  10. So bright, So fun ! loving your new hair, it looks like the old hair of hayley william's right ? hehe, such a hair goals ;)

    if you don't mind, please checkout my blog too

  11. i'm already followed ur snapchat and i think that 'seriously son' but when it's done i feels like "damn. can you sthap being perfect or whaterver u wearing always look good on u. damn u"

    i love you, and those outfit tho. flirty, sassy outfit. i love you.

    please choose me on instagram @farisawii

  12. love everything in this post son! especially your new hair color <3


  13. you are trully gemini,,,,just like me:)
    but i love your decision about what color you choosed

  14. This hair color looks divine on you!!
    I've been waiting for your new post and it's finally out after ages! lolol, JK.
    Please update your blog more often like you used to do :') Just because I love reading your post and seeing your so artsy everyday life <3 Anyway, I'm a geminian too, so that "impulsive vein" is also running within my body xD
    If you ever plan come to Tokyo again, let me know because I'm living in suburb of Tokyo!


    Shabrina hazimi

  15. Thank you for the lovely feedback, you guys! <3

    @Shabrina: That is so awesome, Tokyo is my favorite place and will fly there again on 22nd of June! :) Shall we meet up?

    @Mumun: Oh hi and welcome to my blog! After seeing Hayley and so many other cool girls who coincidentally all have orange hair, I guess it's planted in my brain that this is such a cool color and I'm glad I tried it out!

    @ Mary & Herlina: LOL it's easily spotted isn't it? :D

  16. Aaa selalu suka sama stylenya kak Son! keren2 <3

  17. you are rock Sonia! Love your new hair, bold statement !! :))

    Cindy Tjahjadi

  18. I love your impulse and wish I had the chance to experiment with different hair
    Colors. Living in Indonesia people judge you especially if you have strange hair colours so I love your bold move!


  19. love your personality. Do whatever you want and do what makes you more alive.
    I think your orange hair better than before. Expressed your fun energy. love it!

    Putri |