Instax x Kors Adventure

Got my hands on the most stylish instant camera of the year. THE REVIEW IS UP.

Arrived in Singapore for Michael Kors' newly opened store, and was greeted with this.

I don't know which side of me shrieked louder: me as a religious follower of instant cameras, or as a keen observer of Michael Kors' chic, creme de la creme aesthetic. I guess this time I'll review from both side of perspectives. Here we go!

This camera comes with a gold chain and a camera bag specially designed by Michael Kors, which makes it easily the stylish instant camera I can ever bring to a party. The last instant camera I have  is impossible to fit inside my purse, but the latest Instax is giving their heavier & bulkier camera series a stylish makeover, and look at it now: so slim and sleek! 

On functionality, it is equipped with a self-timer mode of two different time settings so you can help yourself take an OOTD picture when you're alone, and a selfie mode which it can automatically change the shooting distance with a mirror on the side of the lens. So it really is compact and handy, and also stylish looking. 

Now how about some results? I asked my friend Tim from Perspecgifs to do some shots in my room to find out!

Let me enjoy a moment of exorbitant luxury in my gold-coated bath tub.

The image quality looks obviously so much sharper than the previous camera series they have that I can see more details from my outfit, and I can expand it to a few times larger.

Has your instant camera ever looked this good?!

After having fun with my new camera, I went to  Michael Kors' launching party at the Mandarin Gallery Singapore (which is by far the largest MK store in Southeast Asia. Woohoo, congrats!), the Hollywood darling Kate Hudson was there too. 

Bag, top, skirt, and shoes by Michael Kors.

New presents every time I opened my room door, it's like magic. I don't want to let them know it's not even my birthday.

Me prepping up, as taken by Tim.

Then the next day I went for a casual chit-chat with Michael Kors, and we were making cocktails together -- Make sure to check out the video on the previous post!

And that's the story where I brought my Instax x Kors to meet its maker...

 Taken with Michael Kors' very own limited Instax edition. We all know what you want for Christmas.

Pictures by me & Tim of Perspecgifs.

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  1. Son, bikin postingan Q&A dong about you. Pasti banyak yang pengen nanya deh hehehe :D

    1. You can still reach me easily on instagram / twitter, fire away! :D xx

  2. Definitely the most stylish instant camera! <3
    Anyway, loving your new template. Looking so firmed and clean :)
    The last one was playful with touches of yellow stripes.
    Like both designs anyway! But the most pleasing thing is that seeing you, your style, and your blog appearance keep growing constantly. Thank you for all the inspirations so far, Sonia.
    Merry Xmas and happy NY! <3


    1. Too sweet, thank you for recognising & keeping records of my template history haha! Thank you for reading dear Shabrina xx

  3. how lucky you are, SONIA <3

    anyway Merry Christmas <3




  4. Hi, Sonia. I've been reading your blog for years but rarely give any comments. I've just checked you new blog layout on PC and i find it very pretty and easier to load the photos <3 i think it looks clean, unique, and have a touch of glam. Just a little suggestion, maybe the 'read more' button can be linked to a new tab instead of opening at the same page.

    Anyway, thanks for being one of my inspirations, don't forget to keep being happy :)

    1. Hi, Niar! I'll try to fix into pop-up tab ASAP. Thank you for your feedback! xx

  5. keren artikelnya gan, jangan lupa mampir gan,
    Bermain Dan mendapatkan Untung banyak

  6. Hello Sonia, seems like your blog template is change and this one look clean and lovely :)
    Anyway, the image quality of Instax X Kors does look sharpen than others. I think that is pretty awesome and will be a good camera investment.
    Love the dress your wear when sit on the couch x.

  7. Hasil potretnya cantik cantik semua kak, kalau boleh tahu pakek kamera apa kak