Our yearbook through this year as dreamy, self-loving, reckless, happy-go-lucky millennials. 

Adolescent high school years have always been my endless inspiration, and also to reminisce my junior high school years which was the year I started blogging. Some of the main reasons I fell in love with dressing up for myself and other people is how you can represent certain image that you want people to perceive simply by wearing clothes, how you can state your opinion by wearing things that aren't stereotypically worn in public to be seen as a form of rebellion. I'm challenged by how such simple thing have a power to provoke or to inspire. I get bored pretty quickly so I often see dressing up as a game of finding new ways to wear clothes improperly and giving new ideas to people who see it.

This time I'm collaborating with Sally & Emily, also marking our first editorial going back to 35mm film, for Gogirl Magazine. Behind the scene shots above by me, taken with my Minolta Riva Zoom + Kodak Gold film.




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  1. It is true inspiring

  2. i think this is a pretty post

  3. i love your picture in this post, so pretty, keep inspiring me sonia :)

  4. I miss the time of your blogging days with just your photo. But seeing like this, it made me know that you're not just another fashion blogger. Your styling is very amazing as always

    1. Thanks! I do styling sometimes & editing video is currently what I love doing so I would love to share it here too :)