A Batik D-I-Y

Today is the first Batik Day ever.

Today UNESCO officially announced Batik as the world's cultural heritage, in Paris. Everyone was out today, wearing batik, loud and proud. This is the most beautiful day in history. There is still a few minutes left of it, and maybe tomorrow and a few days after that, Batik is no longer a Twitter trending topic, but I hope that people will proudly wear it not just for today, but everyday.

Talking about batik, not long ago I was impulsively visiting a batik workshop in Lasem and had a really pleasant visit& learning opportunity. And then I was staying to my grandma's house in Bondowoso for a week, which I do nothing except eating all the good local food and hiked a mountain. As I was sharing my grandma's sister (who loves to sew) about this batik workshop visit, she gave me a pile of batik fabric she kept. And I found one bright, shocking pink piece of batik between the pile that she let me do whatever with.

And in this full-on leisure trip, my mom somehow has a box of sewing trinkets in her bag always. When people have their emergency sewing supplies, my mom's case of 'emergency' is some sequin thread, colorful buttons, little colorful bells, studs, plastic jewels ornaments, and butterflies and moon bracelet charms. I also wouldn't ask why. Yes, my family members are weird like that.

All of these D-I-Y pictures are taken on my grandma's porch where I did it, 
so as you can see the lovely, old marble floor peeking through. :D 

So after collecting all these purely random ornaments out of nowhere, my activity of the day is making something out of it, on my grandma's porch in the afternoon. And this is the result:

I'm happy enough with my basic sewing skill now that this batik bracelet with random things dangling on it is around my wrist. This is how it looks like when I wear it:

When I shot this, my grandma's sister came out with a scissor saying my pants are broken with all the threads dangling and she will help me cut it. :)) No grandma, it's FAH-SHIEN! So that's what I made today, happy batik day everyone! 

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