Skincare: Drugstore or High End?

Here I am reviewing the current skincare hype, so you can read before you buy.

My skin has always been so well adjusted to my frugal lifestyle, everything I need I could always buy it in drugstores, so skincare has not been a problem for me, at least in my early 20’s life. I had my worst acne breakout during my puberty, when I was sixteen, I was trying out one facial treatment - you know, the one where they poke your pores because they claim they know when your future acne is gonna appear, kind of your fortune teller but for pimples- intending to clear some blackheads I had. That one facial treatment turned into an entire face ‘purging’, triggered acne that never appeared before in my life to suddenly popped up, and that kept going for months.

I have been going through stages of panicking and trying any product and treatment to make my skin better, spending money on high-end products, to applying any organic food on my face as mask. After a while, I gave up and started treating my skin more nonchalantly. I don’t know if the $2 drugstore facial foam I used really worked, or just because my puberty party has ended, but my skin gradually went calmer over the years. As for now, I only get one or two pimples appearing every PMS days, and I’m quite pleased with my current situation.

As my acne was clearing up, the ‘Pavlovian reaction’ in me states that the more I do something with my face, it will get worse. The more I ignore it, it will get better eventually. I decided that ‘doing the bare minimum’ works best on my skin. I committed to only use not more than 5 different products on my skin at once, and to keep my routine really simple.

Currently, I have plenty of products from different brands currently piling up in my shelf. I don’t have the patient to wait for months to see the result, or to wear different layers before sleep when some days I don’t even have the energy to wipe make-up off my face. Although some of them that I tried, I ended up religiously using it, even thinking of repurchasing it. So here are current skin care products I tried and genuinely love for the sake of effectiveness and practicality:

Image result for foreo luna mini 2
Seeing the colorful designs, my cheapskate self wondered would this product really work or will it be just a cute decor in the bathroom? How will it work compared to my usual exfoliator brush? I got one for myself and answered those questions. First, the silicone material isn’t there to just be cute, but compared to my previous exfoliation tools, it is really more gentle, and it’s also to make it harder for bacteria to latch than the usual exfoliating brush or sponge, so I wouldn’t worry about leaving it in the bathroom. They advertise it for deep cleansing, but as soon as I tried it, I stopped using my facial scrubs anymore and opted for Luna Mini to exfoliate too.
Is it worth the price? If you have big pores and blackheads, this could be a good investment, because you can use this one DAILY. Unlike the exfoliator brush or facial scrubs that could be abrasive to use daily and leaves my skin feeling pretty dry, this one actually gives me a smooth and bouncy, glassy clean pores in the morning.
Practicality wise... Using this daily has cut down my weekly exfoliation routine and I don't have to buy facial scrub anymore. My usual routine: After removing my make-up, I use this with my usual Senka ‘Perfect Whip’ facial foam, and that is all.
Bonus: the vibration works like a therapeutic session that stimulates my blood circulation every morning. This is such a luxury treat that I don’t even ask for. Also the timer keeps me dedicate my 15 minutes exclusively to cleaning my face. And the battery lasts so long, I charged it once when I got it 3 months ago, it’s still running now and I’m using it daily.

Juara Radiance Vitality Oil
I got this for free in a goodie bag from an event I attended, and I kept this laying around my desk for awhile until one make-up artist who did my make-up commented about how cracking dry my skin is. I told her that I didn’t do any moisturiser because I’m afraid of tweaking the balance and getting breakout again. Remember that I wanted to do bare minimum to keep my skin just as it is? From that day, I tried to give this oil a go. I expected a sticky texture like oil usually is, but this one absorbed to my skin so well and quick, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing oil on my face, just so light and effortless. Then I woke up with the best, bounciest, most hydrated skin and even tone that I’ve ever felt ever, it feels like everything fixed in one night.
Is it worth it? I googled the price to repurchase, and yes, this is probably the priciest thing I have ever worn in my face. But for practicality in a single bottle, and how it works instantly overnight like a literal magic elixir? Combined with the Luna Mini and this overnight, it’s guaranteed that I’ll wake up with the best skin condition.
Practicality wise...  While some people have 7-10 bottles of skin routine, I’m thinking that this small bottle is the only skincare I need, and that's such a breakthrough when I travel.
Bonus: the scent from the combination of different oils is so calming to wear before sleep, works like an aromatherapy for me.

Deciem The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

Deciem The Ordinary Coverage Foundation
This is the most affordable product on the list, although getting it in Indonesia for now needs a little more effort by looking through online website. What I love the most is the range of different tones and undertones, it really looks like my second skin. Due to my breakout experience, I only trust make-up base that’s backed up by a good skincare line, to make sure they know their stuff, before putting it on my skin.
Is it worth it? The small bottle packaging makes it affordable so I won’t have to commit to a more expensive price and more product leftover if I didn’t like it. It’s light yet pigmented, if other coverage foundation feels like an acrylic paint, this one is as light as watercolor paint. It’s so gentle on my skin, it doesn’t crack, and it feels like I’m not wearing any make-up.
Practicality wise... It fits my small travel pouch!!! For a daily make-up routine, I only bring this with a Shiseido Perfecting Concealer Stick that's about the size of a lipstick, and that offers a flawless complexion coverage.

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